Why American MUST Face the Truth on Abortion

Many thanks to Annie Casselman for writing and recording the weekend Action News. Annie captured the spirit of the Face the Truth Tour’s first week on the streets of Chicago.

America Must Face the Truth

It was an active and colorful week with many strong indications that the Truth Tour is a must, and should spread to every city and town and hamlet in America, because it brings the reality of abortion—America’s own holocaust—to the public conscience.

Despite the fact that some people, most probably in denial, go berserk and act like maniacs when they see what an abortion does to an innocent human being, many, many more viewers are truly changed for life by these pictures. Many have come up to us and said they were pro-choice until they finally saw just what the choice is.

These pictures tell them what that choice looks like. It’s as ugly as anything you can imagine, and showing it publicly is not easy, but it is necessary. Each Truth Tour confirms us in our certitude that this activity is possibly the most necessary means of combating abortion that we have ever been involved in.

We wish more pro-lifers could experience this certitude. Our numbers have been better than average, as many as 70 volunteers coming out to join us in Barrington, and usually forty or more at each stop. Naperville two years ago was our largest with 120 sign-holders and leafleters.

Tuesday we will be at three locations in Rockford, Wednesday in Oswego, Aurora and Naperville; Thursday in Glen Ellyn, Elmhurst and Glendale Heights; Friday in Oak Lawn, Beverly and Bogan and Saturday in Skokie, Niles and Lincolnwood.

Vatican Targets Catholics Who Give Scandal

The Vatican has singled out divorcees who remarry and Catholic politicians who support abortion in a report last week warning Catholics who continue to receive Holy Communion while in the state of mortal sin.

In a new document on the Eucharist that will be developed in October when the bishops of the world meet in Rome, the Vatican also complains that fewer Catholics are going to Confession and that reception of Communion unworthily has become commonplace. The document also points out that these Catholics often give grave scandal.

The story by the Associated Press is running with a picture of John Kerry and his wife as an example of a public couple who fit this description.

Krauthammer on O’Connor

Amid all the confusion over a replacement of Sandra Day O’Connor for the U. S. Supreme Court comes a clear and right-on-target assessment of the O’Connor philosophy by Charles Krauthammer in Monday’s Chicago Tribune Commentary. He calls O’Connor a bad act to follow because she had no judicial philosophy, but only a political positioning with a social agenda.

O’connor had no stable ideas about constitutional interpretation. Her idea of jurisprudence, Krauthammer writes, was to decide whether legislation produced social systems that either worked or didn’t.

O’Connor was painfully unpredictable. About all you could be sure of was that she would ultimately come up with some ad hoc constitutional principle to justify her empirical judgment. She helped turn the court into a super legislature, continually shifting and without any roots in the Constitution. Krauthammer quotes a Georgetown professor saying “The joke was that people could save a lot of time and effort making laws and filing lawsuits if only O’Connor would answer her phone and let them know what she thought beforehand.”

Krauthammer says we surely don’t need or want another O’Connor on the high court, but that what we do need is a nominee who has a judicial philosophy grounded in constitutional principles that provide legal guidelines that politicians and citizens can understand and live by. Amen to that!

O’Connor was one of Ronald Reagan’s worst mistakes. David Souter was George Bush Sr.’s worst mistake, and we sure hope George Bush Jr. doesn’t fall into the same pit by nominating a so-called moderate who will join the liberals on crucial cases. Pray, brethren, pray.

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