Pro-Lifers to Bush: Gonzales Unacceptable for High Court

Tessa Kocan of Chicago, in response to a Sun-Times Commentary by Linn Harwell saying birth control brought us out of the dark ages, is surprised that Harwell is still pro-abortion, considering that her mother died from an abortion.

The Curse of Birth Control

Tessa is also aware that the contraceptive mentality leads to abortion. She discovered this as a volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center where many women told her they became pregnant because their contraceptives failed. The Harwell commentary was bad and we appreciate Tessa Kocan’s response to it, based as it is on years of observation that artificial birth control is not a blessing but a curse.

Gonzales Unacceptable to Pro-Lifers

With the Supreme Court’s last day before adjournment on Monday, there was much speculation about who will retire and who will be nominated as a replacement of either Rehnquist or O’Connor. Neither announced retirement, but while Alberto Gonzales seems to be a Bush favorite for a court replacement whenever this may happen, he will not have pro-life support and would greatly disappoint pro-lifers. He might, however, pass muster with liberal Democrats.

Better would seem to be either Judge Michael Luttig or Judge John Roberts, both conservatives. Roberts, while a solicitor general, signed a Supreme Court brief urging the court to overturn Roe. There is a comprehensive article on these two judges in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune.

According to Robert Novak in Monday’s Chicago Sun-Times, who also mentions Roberts and Luttig, Gonzales is unacceptable to pro-lifers because as a Texas Supreme Court judge he opposed parental notification and says Roe is inviolable, here to stay. Hard core conservatives don’t want him. Novak sees a possible political disaster for Bush if he nominates Gonzales when a court appointment is to be made.

Emotions Trump Reason on ES Cells

One can hardly turn on the radio or open a paper without reading about the embryonic stem cell controversy. Both houses of Congress are grappling with the issue and the votes seem to be heavily on the side of going ahead with federal funding of this research.

Meanwhile, President Bush vows that he will veto any bill that seeks such funding. An article by Jill Zuckman in Monday’s Chicago Tribune, studies the debate and makes it clear that this is a battle that involves many emotional arguments. She trots out arguments by legislators who are suffering from incurable disease or who have family members they believe would be benefited by this legislation.

Senator Arlan Spector, a Republican from Pennsylvania, has Hodgkin’s Disease and refers to opposition to federal funding of stem cell research as “atrocious.” Zuckman’s article makes it clear that this is an emotional battle and that personal connections are providing a momentum to this legislative effort.

Crusade for Life Visits League

Our staff was honored Monday to have fifteen members of the Crusade for Life walking across America, stop by our office for prayers in our chapel, great conversation and lunch at the Sauganash Restaurant. Crusaders are part of American Life League’s group of college students taking the message of life across the nation.

They are now headed for Erie, PA by way of Detroit. It did all of us good to see their enthusiasm and zeal for the cause of life. They have been speaking in Churches, staying with families and talking to the man on the street to spread the gospel of life.

It did all of us a world of good to spend some time together. God bless Judie and Paul Brown for organizing this most useful program of conversion.

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