Kansas Abortionist Shut Down for Filthy Conditions

Congratulations to the thirty pro-lifers who showed up for the June Face the Truth half-day demonstration in Evanston and Skokie on Wednesday. It was one of the most quiet tours we have been on, with lots of thumbs up, congratulations and even a small donation, and very few outbursts of rage from pro-abortion drivers and pedestrians.

Truth Day News

One woman in Evanston did park her car and chastise Dan Gura, and then asked the pro-lifers showing pictures of aborted babies. “What are you doing here? This is Evanston!” We knew we were in Evanston, but somehow this woman was incredulous that we would bring our message to this Liberal stronghold.

We’ve been to Evanston before, and no two visits to are the same, except that you can be sure to encounter the unexpected. In Skokie Klein Tools claimed to own the property right smack up to the street, and the police told us we had to get off. But it was quittin’ time anyway, so it didn’t matter much. We move up the street for the remaining ten minutes.

Kansas Abortionists Shut Down

Good new out of Kansas. An abortionist had to shut down his mill after photographs obtained by pro-lifers revealed appalling conditions inside the mill—blood soaked carpeting in the procedure rooms and improperly sterilized surgical instruments stored next to an open toilet, where aborted baby parts were flushed down the drain.

Krishna Rajanna, the abortionist, was fined and had his license suspended. Troy Newsman said, “The decision is a long time coming, but that it is important to note that if public pressure had not been brought to bear, nothing would have happened, and this man and his filthy abortion mill would still be in operation.”

Troy helped bring pressure to bear on the clinic and its owner. Newman said this victory is not enough since unsafe conditions continue at other Kansas abortion mills.

The Kansas Board of Hearings Arts has shown that it has too many political ties to the abortion lobby for it to act. He challenged the Board to revoke the license of George Tiller, who runs a mill in Wichita where his specialty is late term abortions.

Police Create “Buffer Zone” at Chicago Clinic

Closer to home, a worker at Albany abortion mill on North Elston Ave. Thursday slammed into one of our sidewalk counselors, then the pro-abort said she was going to call the police. Our counselor called the police and reported the incident, but after the arrival of four squad cars and a lieutenant, the police decided to put up a buffer zone to keep pro-life counselors fifteen feet from the entrance to the mill.

This is highly irregular, probably illegal, and suggests that the abortion crowd has Chicago’s finest doing its bidding. Our attorneys are studying this miscarriage of justice and we will keep our callers informed.

Meanwhile, while all these shenanigans were going on our counselors talked three women out of abortions. And maybe all the squad cars and police milling around the mill drove off other abortion customers. Who wants to go into a building that appears to in the middle of a police raid?

If this buffer zone if for real, it will be the first of this kind of violation of our First Amendment rights in Chicago Abortion history in the past thirty-two years.

Vatican Victory in Italy

The Vatican won in Italy’s recent referendum on Human embryonic stem cell experimentation and in vitro fertilization recently. Only 25.9 percent of eligible votes—or half the 50 percent turnout required for a binding vote—turned out to vote in the referendum earlier this week.

So Italy’s strict laws limiting such experiments remain in force, according to the Vatican news agency, Fides. Pope Benedict had urged Italians not to vote in the referendum. Fides says failure of the referendum is proof of the church’s strong influence on Italian voters, despite secular claims that the Italian people are not supportive of Catholic doctrine.

Fides says, “Catholics are united on fundamental values, starting from the supreme value of human life.” Radical party leaders say the low turnout is an indication of voter apathy in general and not a real victory for the Church. Sounds like sour grapes to us.

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