Smallest Human Beings Treated Like Lab Rats

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 238 to 194 in favor of the big lie, that all kinds of maladies—just about everything from spinal cord injuries to poison ivy—can be cured by killing live embryonic stem cells and using their parts.

But their votes fall far short of an override of President George Bush’s veto, which he has pledged to do, since he is opposed to the use of live human beings for body parts without their knowledge or consent.

House Votes For Embryo Murder

Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Texas Republican, said the bill would force taxpayers to finance the dismemberment of living, distinct human beings. Democrats said they didn’t need any lectures from Republican DeLay. Little do they know. Hats off to Illinois Democrat Dan Lipinski who voted against the bill. Now let’s see what the Senate geniuses will do.

While congress seems to like embryonic stem cell murder, most taxpayers polled show only 22% support funding it, while 60% support funding only adult stem cell research. However, a recent PEW research poll says otherwise.

Down Tennessee way, they’re creating artificial human ova. In Korea they’re planning to clone human beings to use like laboratory rats. Things are getting scary.

Philly Parents Sue Health Dept.

Meanwhile, the family of a Philadelphia teenager are suing a public health center for giving their daughter a morning after pill without notifying them. The girl suffered a violent reaction and the parents have filed a suit that would call for a permanent injunction against the Philadelphia Dept. of Health, from giving morning after pills to minors without first consulting their parents. The parents are seeking $50,000 plus an unspecified amount in punitive damages.

NH Parental Notification Blocked

We recently did a radio show on the New Hampshire parental notification law likely to reach the U.S. Supreme Court next term. The law says a parents must be notified before a woman under eighteen could have an abortion.

The abortion crowd went into a frenzy and challenged the law before it could go into effect. How dare parents know that their teen age daughter is getting surgery that will ruin her for life, and takes the life of their grandchild?

The chicken lower court listened to the abortionists cry-baby arguments, and blocked the law from taking effect. The chicken federal appeals court upheld the lower court’s decision.

Salvi Plans To Un-Seat Bean

Now for a little good news. Our old friend Republican Al Salvi from the 8th Congressional District has said he will probably return to politics and try to oust pro-abort Melissa Bean next year. Bean beat Phil Crane last year.

Although Salvi has lost two statewide races, he would be the favorite in the Salvi-Bean race in the 8th District. Salvi, is a former state Representative, and won two nominations for U. S. Senate in 1996 and 1998, but lost both elections.

Ron Galloy Confronts Big Media

If you are a National Catholic Register reader, be sure to read an article in the May 22-28 issue starting on the back page, “Media Maven for Life.” It’s about Ron Galloy, founder and director of Life: God’s Sacred Gift.

Ron travels all over New York City every week visiting the media offices. Right outside their main entrances he holds a picture of an unborn child with messages like, “All Children Need Our Love.” His aim is to get mass-media reporters, producers and executives to face the truth. He visits the New York Times, Newsweek, Time, Condé Nast, the Associated Press, CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox.

“I go to their very entrance,” Ron says. “These are the seats of power of the media.” Ron has many fascinating story to tell, and you get the gist of it in this article. Ron joined us in a “Face the Truth Tour” in New York a year or so ago, and one of these days we’re going to go out and stand with him.

Pray for Souls

Be certain to take this Memorial Day very seriously. Pray for the souls of the dead. It won’t be long until we’re the ones being memorialized, and I’m sure we’ll welcome the prayers of those still walking the earth.

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