Consequences Of Murder And Abortion Are Same: Death of A Child

Mark Schumaker’s letter to the editors in Monday’s Daily Herald Fence Post is entitled: “Murder or abortion; there’s no difference.” “Two hundred stab wounds,” he exclaims. “Can you imagine it? Inflicted on two children allegedly by their mother?”

Murder and Abortion: All the Same to the Child

“No,” he says , “you can’t.” He says he tried, but his stomach turned. “The more I tried to imagine it, the more nauseous I became.” The first question he asked was, “Why?” There is no reasonable answer. What possesses someone to murder another human being, let alone a child. What possessed a mother to kill her own children with such savagery?

It was an act so outrageous it defies comprehension. Such violence prompts strangers to come out of their shells and talk to one another, as on 911, looking for an answer. What could cause the mother to snap, a stranger asked me? Overwork, loneliness of being an immigrant? I had no reasonable answer other than that a mother had to have been insane to stab her innocent children each 200 times.

Then his question: “What’s the difference between what the mother did to her children and what is done to children every day in an abortion clinic?”

From the children’s perspective as victims, the consequences are the same. Two defenseless children with hundreds of stab wounds or millions of helpless unborn children cut up into bloody bits of skin and bone. Young faces, arms and legs torn open by a mother’s knife or by as doctor’s scalpel. “Two young bodies lying on cold slabs in the county morgue or unborn bodies thrown into a trash bin.”

“Will someone tell me when all the violence is done, and all we’re left with is dead children, whether from murder or abortion, what’s the difference? Murder or abortion; it’s all the same, all horrible, all incomprehensible.”

News Gets Out on Ultrasound Controversy

I’m flattered: my Action News on anti-ultrasound laws, especially the one up for a vote in Illinois, made it onto Yahoo. No problem. I think I copied most of my information from Life Advocacy, who probably picks up its information from hither and yon.

That’s part of the beauty of the internet. Plagiarism runs rampant. But who cares, so long as it’s the truth.

The story was about the terror NOW and NARAL and the professional abortionists fear that when women see their baby on ultrasound. Nine out of ten women won’t go through with an abortion and that hurts the abortion business.

The new laws would make it difficult for a woman to get an ultrasound. She need armies of technicians standing around to protect the baby that the abortionists want to kill. How dare a woman be allowed to know that she’s carrying a baby! The pro-aborts are sending out similar fundraising letters urging restriction on using ultrasound.

Creator of Heaven and Earth

Another gaggle of zealots who worry us are those who fear any mention that the theory of evolution is not fact, and tremble at the suggestion that children be taught creationism or even “intelligent design,” because these ideas seem to violate the iron-clad separation of Church and State.

They worry us partly because the time is coming when each and every one of them will know in a flash, a truth they are not prepared for—that God is the creator of all things, that there is an Infinite Intelligence that created the smallest amoeba and the largest galaxy, and each of us.

There are a lot of surprises in store for all of us, but at least we won’t be surprised that nothing comes from nothing, and that if there’s anything, there’s a Creator with perfect intelligence.

Trib Chides Bush for Having Conscience

A Chicago Tribune Editorial Monday chides president George Bush for standing by his conscience, saying he will veto a Human embryonic Stem Cell bill, because his conscience won’t allow him to make taxpayers support the killing of live human beings for experimentation. The Tribune’s argument is that the U. S. risks falling behind in this promising field. That might just be what saves us.

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