Tough Love Early Bird Tour

Try to make the Downtown “Early Bird” Truth Tour Wednesday, May 18. The Tour is an example of “tough love.”

“Tough Love” Truth Day

We love our society and our fellow man so much that we show them graphically what our society does to its helpless, innocent, defenseless unborn. And we tell them what abortion it is doing to women, who suffer many evil consequences from their abortions. On last month’s Truth Day, we saved at least one baby we know of and probably more.

Meet at 7:30 a.m. at Madison and Wacker, near Union Station, for coffee and donuts and a sign. We will be there until 9 a.m. Then to the Art Institute at Monroe and Michigan from 10:00 until 11:30. See you there.

Planned Parenthood Ploy on Ultrasounds

We just read a frantic letter from the National Organization for Women, in which they pretended to be terrified that they may lose their sacred right to murder children without restriction. It was a cry-baby letter, difficult to read.

NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League, now Naral Pro-Choice America, is sending a similar letter, while Planned Parenthood is trying to get bills passed that would make it virtually impossible for Crisis Pregnancy Centers to allow women to see their babies alive and moving inside their wombs through use of ultrasound.

They are determined here in Illinois and elsewhere to make it too costly and too difficult for the crisis pregnancy centers to show women ultrasounds. They know that nine out of ten women who see their babies moving and watch their rapid heartbeats, will not go ahead with their scheduled abortions.

The name of the abortion game is, and has always been, make the cash register ring up a sale. But when a woman sees her baby she doesn’t buy the abortion. So, Planned Parenthood is trying to get laws passed that would makes it too costly for prolifers to use ultrasound.

Their specious argument is that ultrasound might harm the unborn, so specialists must be hired to be on hand at all times. Can you figure that out? First of all, ultrasound specialists say the ultrasound procedure does not harm the baby. But Planned Parenthood claims they want to protect the baby that they are going to cut to pieces.

That’s like not allowing a prisoner on death row to have ice cream with his last meal before his execution, since it is fattening.

Fight Illinois Ultrasound Bill

Planned Parenthood must think our Illinois legislators are awfully dumb. If their Illinois bill, HB 2492, the Ultrasound Restriction Act, passes in the General Assembly, they might be right about our legislators. After all, it did pass out of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee recently by a vote of 8 to 3.

So call your own state senator in Springfield at 217-782-2000 and point out the stupidity of this bill. Even the Federal Drug Administration has said there is no evidence whatsoever that an ultrasound can harm the unborn child. Women in Illinois are not seeking such legislation, anyway, only Planned Parenthood and the abortion crowd want it.

A state assembly that believed in the value of Human Life would be on the pro-life side of this issue, urging women to have ultrasounds before even considering an abortion. Our next door neighbor, Indiana, passed a law that at least requires that the abortionist tell women about the availabililty of ultrasound.

Arizona Students Face the Truth

A recent Face the Truth Tour at the campus of the University of Arizona in Tuscon led by Sunny Turner was written up in the Arizona Daily Wildcat. Although the pro-aborts said everything possible to deride the use of the pictures, students seemed to have a different opinion.

Here are some of their comments: “I think demonstrations are great. It shows the strengths of the First Amendment and democracy.” One Student said the posters were just too graphic to ignore, and a graduate student said she was glad to see protesters willing to stand up for such a debated issue. “I admire their strongly held opinions,” she said. ” In some sense, I agree with them.”

Hats off to Sunny who is doing a great job in sunny Arizona.

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