Join Us For Truth Day: It Could Change Your Life

If you are in Chicago Wednesday April 20, or can get here, join the Pro-Life Action League’s one-day April Truth Tour. To most of us it’s just another truth tour, and we’ve got it down pretty well, but if you’ve never taken part in a truth tour this may be the turning point in your pro-life career.

You will face thousands of people, some hostile, some friendly and most simply indifferent. At times you’ll find good people who are glad that you are out there making people see the horrible crime of abortion that is destroying America.

Help America Face the Truth

Having murdered forty-seven million of our children through abortion since 1973, America really doesn’t have much of a future unless this carnage stops. But here is your chance to help stop it by saving not only babies but their mothers, and ever our beloved, selfish, secular society.

You will have a chance to talk with people about the value of the innocent unborn child, the damage abortion always causes a woman. You may hear a few confessions, get into arguments with pro-aborts that end up going nowhere.

But you will know that thousands of people are seeing sometimes for the very first time what an abortion looks like. And these people will never be able to say again that it’s just a glob of tissue.

There will be times that you feel like a telephone post, as people look right through you and pretend you aren’t there. This can build humility. You will be told you’re a nut case. More humility. But you will reach some people and stop some abortions and that makes the whole thing worth while—even the telephone post feeling will go away.

We will gather in the Daley Plaza (map) at 11:30 a.m. sharp and stay there until 1p.m. Then a quick bite and we will meet on Lake Shore Drive at Jackson Boulevard (map) where we will hold the last half of the tour from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Cardinals in Conclave

The Roman Catholic Cardinals are locked in the Sistine Chapel to elect a new Pope.They say the man who goes in a Pope—the one most believe will be elected—usually comes out still a cardinal, and with the odds 115-l that’s not good enough even for a guess, but I do have a kind of favorite because I sat next to him at a Legatus dinner in Florida and as we chatted he agreed to sign my book.

He was quite a gentleman and extremely brilliant, conservative and his English wasn’t bad. That was Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn. He is a mere lad of 60 and would be too young for an interim Pope if that’s what they’re looking for, but I believe he would be a great Pope.

My second choice would be Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. He’s brilliant, conservative and would carry on many of John Paul II’s programs and traditions.

So there, I’ve just eliminated two likely candidates for Pope. Maybe by the next Hotline on Thursday we will have the answer.

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