Terri’s Death Raises Question: What Is To Become Of America?

Our office has been receiving numerous calls with suggestions for saving Terri Schiavo’s life. All are sincere, some quite ingenious , and at one time some of them might have worked, but according to our contact on the scene in at the Woodside Hospice House in Pinellas Park, FL, there is virtually no hope left in the ongoing effort to reattach Terri’s feeding tube.

Too Late for Terri

While both Gov. Jeb Bush and President George Bush have tried to save her life, one angry caller said, “If she were one of their daughters they wouldn’t have just ‘tried’ to save her: they would have ‘saved’ her.”

Suggestions received at our office included making her an official ambassador to the handicapped, an office that would conceivably demand her to leave Florida. Other suggestions are to use the tactics employed by the Government to whisk away Elian Gonzales when he was staying with relatives in Miami’s Cuban section back in 2000, to send in the National Guard.

Thirty some people have been arrested attempting to take water to Terri while people in wheel chairs have laid on the ground in front of the hospice—all of this besides the various courts and congress and judges appealed to and appealing.

At least she did receive holy communion—the consecrated wine only—but it appears that nothing less than a miracle can save her now. And we had been certain all along that she would have her feeding tube replaced. About all we can do now is pray that God’s Will be done.

What Is To Become of America?

Life Advocacy Briefing for March 28 has this to say about the Schiavo case:

No example of judicial tyranny could be more stark than we have seen in the last week. If a state court judge can order the dehydration death of a helpless woman, and Florida’s Judge Greer did not merely grant authority to the so-called guardian: he ordered Terri Schiavo’s death‐and than ignore subpoenas issued by committees of the United States Congress . . . if a federal judge—and an entire federal Appeals Circuit—can ignore the clear meaning of a federal law passed specifically and very publicly to define authority of the federal courts . . . if the same U. S. Supreme Court which has repeatedly found in the Constitution words which are not there, can now ignore words which are written plainly into its text. . . . If the desperate plight of a much-wanted, much-loved fully grown woman is subjected to biased pubic opinion polls . . . then what is to become of the shining city on a hill, the beacon of freedom, the very symbol of how the rule of law can embody both mercy and justice? What is to become of America? Where is safety for any one of us?

A good question that we have been asking for over thirty-two years, since a whole class of people were written out of protection of law by the Federal Court. When abortion was legalized in 1973 one of our first signs read, “Abortion today. Euthanasia tomorrow.” I think we’re there.

Doctor Bias in Schiavo Case

Life Advocacy goes on:

Those who have followed the travail of Terri Schiavo may recall seeing the name Ronald Cranford as a neurologist who testified before Pinellas County probate judge George Greer, saying that Terri was in a persistent vegetative state with no hope of recovery. You may also recall that Cranford is closely connected to the euthanasia movement in America. He is a member of the board of directors of the Choice in Dying Society, which promotes doctor-assisted suicide and euthanasia and was a featured speaker at a national conference of the Hemlock Society, now known as the End of Life Choices.

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