UK Pro-Lifers Will Be Picketing Clinics

The front page headline in Times of London Saturday was, “Radical Christians to target abortion clinics.” The story says, “A Militant evangelical Christian group plans to target pregnant women and medical staff at abortion clinics as it steps up its campaign against what it calls a tidal wave of filth.”

UK Activist Stepping It Up

A Member of Parliament is calling on the Home Secretary to investigate the group, which held a campaign against the show Jerry Springer—The Opera using “the tactics of American fundamentalist Christians” who picket. buildings. (Actually we picket the people in the buildings.) They convinced a cancer charity to turn down £3000 from the dirty show saying they would picket its clinics if it accepted “tainted” money.

The group is led by Stephen Green, who said their next target is abortion clinics. Says Greene in The Times:

The taking of innocent blood brings judgment on our land and cries to heaven for vengeance. The presence of abortion centers in our towns is iniquitous. They should be shut down. It would not take much, just a few prayer vigils outside clinics.

Abortion activists say they fear “a rise in US-style anti-abortion tactics and are being especially vigilant.” A spokesman from the abortion provider Marie Stopes told The Times that “small groups of protesters already picket some of its clinics, blocking pregnant women as they attempt to enter and thrusting leaflets into their hands.”

“They stand outside,” the Marie Stopes spokesman said, “with posters and rosary beads. Members of staff sometimes have to escort the women into the clinics.” Wow! How very frightening!

Asked why he wants to fight abortion so vigorously, Green said, “Perhaps the Lord thinks I have got a certain gift. With all the mail I have been getting, I am obviously rattling Satan’s cage.” Sounds like the rattling is reaching the right ears.

Green also lobbies against homosexuality and is preparing to launch a campaign against sex education in the schools. He has written a book on homosexuality called, The Sexual Dead End, and says, “Homosexuality is a pathology, an emotional or psychological disorder. It is a very sad thing, but it is something you can get over. It was a bad day when they let homosexuals in the Armed Forces.”

Letters Defend Right to Life

Two letters in Friday’s Chicago Tribune attack a letter from Stephen Schade that maintains that we do not give children the same rights as adults. Msgr. Thomas Dzielak of Rock Falls, IL counters:

Yes we do, when it come to the right to be protected from harm. All innocent human beings have the right to be protected from physical harm, whatever the stage of their development. A ‘fetus’ is a developing human being. This is not a belief, but a biological fact. People who acknowledge that a fetus is a human being yet support legal abortion are involved in a contradiction. Granting equal rights to fetuses is not ludicrous as Schade wrote, but the logical conclusion from a biological fact

Thanks, Monsignor. And from James Schaefer of Mt.. Prospect:

Schade is thinking of civil rights like marriage, voting and driving. He misses the whole of the abortion debate, which is the right to life and whether a woman’s right to choose trumps that right. Schade believes the right to life is bestowed by governmental agencies.

Should We Picket Kennedy?

Ted Kennedy will be in Chicago Monday, March 28 at the Hyatt, 800 N. Michigan beginning at 6:00 p.m. a ticket is $2,000, but standing out in front with a banner, “Kennedy kills Babies” and graphic pictures is free. What do you think about picketing the Gala? It Teddy worth it?

Comments from our listeners and readers will decide, so reply. We’d be treated like dirt and marched across the street but we could rain on their parade. Call, write or e-mail.

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