A Little More Time Granted To Terri

Prayers for the Holy Father are having results. His condition, say his doctors, is much improved. He even waved to the crowd from is hospital room on Sunday. But keep praying.

A Little More Time for Terri

As we reported on the weekend Action News Hotline, although Terri Schiavo did not get the 60-day delay in removing her feeding tube, the judge did reluctantly give her until March 18th. Hopefully this is enough time to find a way to save her life.

The press is calling this a defeat for Terri, not being granted the 60 days sought by the Department of Children and Families to investigate allegations of mistreatment.

But the Bob and Mary Schindler, Terri’s parents, see it as a victory giving them time to find another course of action to save her life. Terri’s tube supplying nutrition was to have been removed last Friday. Prayer is needed here, too.

Also feel free to call Gov. Jeb Bush’s office at 850 488-4441. Ask that he do all he can to save Terri’s life.

This case is important not only for Terri Schiavo, but for anyone on a feeding tube. Food and water are important to staying alive, however they are administered. It is not extraordinary treatment to eat. A mindless editorial on Terri appears in Wednesday’s Chicago Tribune.

Libby Gray Defends Abstinence

A featured Letter in the Chicago Sun-Times last week by Libby Gray of Project Reality in Glenview attested to the fact that teens know that abstinence works. Libby, responding to a column by Dr. Laura Berman, that chastity vows can lead to guilt and cut off of communication with one’s parents, says many teens keep their pledge and that parental communication increases under the abstinence program.

She points to a national poll showing 93 percent of teens want a strong message to abstain from sex until marriage. Parents are encouraging their teens to believe that they are worth the wait. Recent polls show that 73 percent of 13 to 16 year olds have not had sex, and that more and more teens are learning that abstinence works.

Libby suggests that “experts” like Dr. Laura get on board and stand behind young people, instead of questioning their courage, integrity and intelligence.

God Will Not Be Mocked

England, where the Anglican Church is in total dissaray, now rules that same sex partners throughout Britain may enter into civil unions where partners obtain many of the rights enjoyed by married couples. With their new Civil Partnerships Bill, expectations are that next year there will be 42,000 such civil unions.

Of course, the rest of Europe and even the USA is doing much the same, as the shadows of Sodom and Gomorra loom over most the Western world. But God will not be mocked. No good can come from this violation of God’s Law.

Throw in use of contraceptives, divorce, singles living-together, proliferation of pornography, sick TV, dirty movies, filth on the internet, and we have a lot to accounted for. The scales of justice will be balanced, the wages of sin is still death, and we’re not getting away with anything.

We have no idea what to expect to happen to straighten out this society, but God surely has something planned. Trying to excuse this rotten society by calling it progressive or even “just the way things are” doesn’t change one of God’s commandments. They are written on stone.

Besides, God still sees great Saints coming out of this cesspool. There are many fighting against this culture of death, and by overcoming these evils, they are becoming saints.

League History in Latest Action News

But before I start preaching, let me say that the latest Winter 2005 Action News is just off the press and you should be getting yours soon. It’s one of the best ever. We are running a year-long series on the history of the League in honor of our 25th anniversary. If you don’t get your copy for Winter 2005 in a few days, give us a call at 773-777-2900. We’ll send you a copy right away.

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