Laura Washington Rejoices At The Coming Of Sodom

Laura Washington is aglow over passage of Illinois bill SB 3286, that makes gay rights part of protected civil rights, riding rough-shod over Christians and others who see sodomy as a serious psychological and moral problem, both sick and sinful. She concludes her sarcastic commentary in Monday’s Sun Times with some telling remarks.

Laura Washington Welcomes Sodom

Washington informs those normal people who have been speaking out against gay rights and the law that will eventually lead to gay marriage in Illinois that they don’t have to worry just yet, that it will take a while for gay marriage to come to Illinois. What is interesting is how she ends her comments:

So Mr. Wooters, move if you will. I’ll even come help you pack. But no need to worry. Gay rights advocates still have much work to do to assure that Illinois upholds basic civil rights protections for all its citizens. It will be a while before they can get around to turning Illinois form the Land of Lincoln into the Land of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Interesting that even Washington would have Sodom and Gomorrah on her mind as the kind of society we’re heading for with laws like this. If she’s saying it to be funny, the earlier Sodom and Gomorrah weren’t funny at all. They showed us what God thinks of such activity, abusing nature.

The Good Book is filled with like events that indicate that God is still in charge. In the New Testament, St. Paul has some harsh words for sodomy, and one enthusiastic writer, recently answering the question, “Where in Scripture do we a find a condemnation of homosexuality?” went to all the trouble of gleaning each and every passage that tells us what God thinks about this evil.

It’s too long to repeat here, but very comprehensive. There are lots of quotes. But as I have said many times in this Action News Hotline and in talks I’ve given, I am a “homophobe” according to the correct meaning of that word. Phobia isn’t hatred. It is a fear or aversion toward something you don’t feel comfortable with. I pray for homosexuals every day, that they will conquer their sickness.


Don’t get your hopes up too high that Sen. Arlen Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, may have been chastened by all the efforts made by pro-lifers to keep him from becoming Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Right off the bat he hired a former Assistant General Counsel of the National Abortion Rights Action League, Hannibal Kemerer to play a lead role on his committee. That doesn’t look too good.

Law Would Expose Unborn’s Torment

According to Life Advocacy Briefing for Jan. 31, Sen. Sam Brownback and Rep. Chris Smith are sponsoring S-51, the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act. It has been referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, in the Senate, chaired by Sen. Mike Enzi, Republican from Wyoming, who is one of the co-sponsors of the bill. In the house it is in the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

The bill would require abortionists to inform their customers of the likelihood that their babies will experience severe pain during the abortion, and after the 20th week of pregnancy, the baby should be given anesthesia. It wouldn’t be mandatory. Just a suggestion. Watch the witches fight to defeat this one.

Seventh Circuit Denies League Petition

You, dear Action News reader, are among the first to hear the news that we have heard from the Seventh Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in Chicago, and that they have denied our petition for re-hearing en banc–that is to the whole membership of the Seventh Circuit.

Diane Wood wrote the opinion and if you think you can make anything out of it we’ll send you a copy. She’s all over the place.

A really good rebuttal to Diane’s ravings is by Judge Daniel Manion with Judge Michael Kane concurring and Judge Joel Flaum also voting for a hearing by the en bank. They agrees with us that the case was settled by the U. S. Supreme Court and should have passed directly through the Seventh Circuit to the District Court for settlement–that is, our property and home returned and the Federal Injunction voided.

But we’ll keep you informed. Whatever happens it’s going to cost another bundle of money and probably take lots of time. We’ll keep you updated.

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