100,000 At March For Life Face No Opposition

Even the secular press is saying there were at least 100,000 marchers Monday in Nellie Gray’s March for Life In Washington, DC. It could have been twice that many but all we know is there were lots of people and they were all very upbeat.

We did not see an pro-aborts, though the secular press found a few so that they could report that both sides held marches. But for the most part the news report were more fair this year than they usually are. In fact, one reporter said he saw no opposition at the March. Nether did we.

Bush’s Hopeful Message to the March

The President’s call from Camp David was encouraging to the crowd when he said that his administration is making progress toward fostering a “culture of life” by enacting measures that limit abortion and stem cell research and will expand the legal definition of life.

He said that while outlawing abortion is still a distant goal, this goal is coming into view. “The America of our dreams,” he said, “where every child is welcomed in life and protected in law, may still be some way away, but even from the far side of the river we can see it glimmering.”

While speaking only indirectly about outlawing abortion, Bush told the crowd they will eventually prevail because of the justness of their cause. “I encourage you to take warmth and comfort from our history,” he said, “which tells us that a movement that appeals to the noblest and most generous instincts of our fellow Americans, and that is based on a sacred promise enshrined in our founding document, that this movement will not fail.”

He warned that the true culture of life cannot be sustained solely by changing laws. We need most of all to change hearts.

Kim Gandy, NOW head, said that the right to abortion is really in danger and that she will be watching the courts now even more carefully since Bush’s re-election.

Coverage of the March in the Chicago papers was better than usual, too. At least both papers acknowledged the march. The Sun-Times headline Tuesday was “Bush cheers abortion foes at Washington rally,” and the Tribune‘s headline was “Ever hopeful, abortion foes gather.” The picture the Tribune used showed a crucifix and a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, but none of the crowd..

High Court Disappoints Again

There were two negative events to dampen the upbeat spirit: On Monday the Supreme Court refused to hear Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s appeal in the case of Terri Schiavo, so the Florida court order allowing her husband to have Terri’s feeding tube removed is back in effect.

We saw Terri’s parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, at the Mass Sunday night at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.. We are certain they will carry on their fight to keep Terri alive.

Also, the Supreme Court let stand a South Carolina ruling that “Choose Life” license plates violate the First Amendment, since the pro-aborts don’t have a counter slogan. How about “Choose Death”?

Muddles Morality from ACLU‘s Chaiten

Lorie Chaiten of the ACLU writes in Tuesday’s Chicago Sun Times that we have to let pregnant women decide their own morals, which translates into “have an abortion any time and for any reason or no reason and essentially do whatever you want because there is no such thing as objective truth.”

Her arguments all begin with “What is moral about,” or “How is it moral,” or “Whose moral values are served” — followed by the tired old arguments for doing whatever you want. It is so bad it reassures one that there has to be objective morality or we’d all be like that.

Hillary Admits Abortion’s Tragedy

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is seeking some kind of common ground on abortion. A story in Wednesday’s Sun-Times says Hillary thinks all sides of the issue should work together to reduce the number of abortions.

One of her most astounding statements in her speech to the abortionists in Albany, NY, Monday was that she respects those who believe with all their hearts and minds that there are no circumstances under which any abortion should ever be available.” She is also quoted, “We can all recognize that abortion in many ways represents a sad, even tragic choice to many, many women.” Interesting.

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