League Presence Drives Pro-Abort Rally Off Message

Federal Plaza Counter-Protest

Carl Segvich, Joe Scheidler (left) and Dan Gura (center) hold abortion signs amidst pro-abort group [Photo by EJS]

They’d been planning to protest the nomination of John Roberts to the U.S. Supreme Court. But when we showed up unexpectedly, a local pro-abortion group shifted the focus of their August 23 rally at Chicago’s Federal Plaza to Joe Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League.

“It became a sort of ‘counter-counter-protest,'” explained League Communications Director Eric Scheidler, who along with Generations for Life Co-Director John Jansen organized the pro-life counter-protest. “We really threw them off message. They almost completely forgot about the Roberts nomination.”

Jansen commented, “I’m gratified that they think we’re so important that when we show up, the event becomes all about us.”

Federal Plaza Counter-Protest

Pro-aborts were unable to block League signs [Photo by EJS]

Graphic Signs versus Foul-Mouthed Hype

Though outnumbered by at least three-to-one, the pro-life group of fifteen disrupted the pro-abortion event by holding large, graphic abortion signs to expose the reality of so-called “abortion rights.” Despite frantic efforts, the pro-aborts could not block the abortion signs from view with their small, makeshift posterboard signs.

Meanwhile, leaders of the pro-abortion group took turns railing against Joe Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League and leading pro-abortion chants over a bullhorn. Many shouted obscenities at the pro-lifers, not even sparing Eric’s nine-year-old daughter Liza.

The pro-lifers recognized many faces from the violent counter-protest at UIC in April 2004. Fortunately several Chicago Police officers were present to keep the peace.

Joe Scheidler said that his favorite of the pro-abortion chants was a new one: “Pray! You’ll need it! Your cause will be defeated!”

Giant Coat Hanger

Clever hanger prop distorts history [Photo by EJS]

“If they really believed that, they wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of holding a rally in Federal Plaza,” Joe remarked. “They’re terrified of losing abortion—and they should be.”

Pro-Aborts Borrow Graphic Tactics

Eric did give credit to the pro-aborts for finally coming up with a graphic image of their own—a gigantic replica of a coat hanger made of PVC tubing and painted red, apparently to represent blood. “However,” he noted, “it’s doubtful whether any abortion was ever performed with a coat hanger. Before Roe they were performed by abortionists in dirty offices, and very little has changed since, except more aborted babies and more maternal abortion deaths.

“We hope that will change with a more pro-life judiciary,” Eric continued. “Judge Roberts will have the chance to help turn back abortion in our country.”

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