Activism Update

Activism Update

Going Where They Live

The grassroots activists at Vote Life America have been holding monthly pickets outside the home of abortionist Vinod Goyal in the well-heeled Chicago suburb of Inverness for several years. In October, the group shifted its strategy a bit by changing its protest location to the main entrance into Goyal’s subdivision.

Protesting abortionist Goyal

Joe Wren warns neighbors of abortionist in their midst [Photo by Dan Gura]

VLA coordinator Dan Gura noted the “immediate and constant response” to the picket, which included signs reading, Warning: An Abortion-ist Lives in This Neighborhood. At one point, an irate homeowner came out to scream at the pro-lifers and to claim that she owned not only the street in front of her house—where the activists’ cars were parked—but the view as well.

The homeowner called the police, who arrived soon thereafter. She told the officers to order the pro-lifers to move their cars. Gura asked the officers where they should move them to, to which the homeowner shouted, “You can move them to hell.”

One officer then turned to her and said, “No, that’s where the abortionists go.” He then told Gura, “I’m an elder in my church. Thank you for being here; she won’t bother you again.” He then told the homeowner he would arrest her if she tried to interfere with the pro-lifers.

Truth Tour Group Ousted from Campus

Columbia Christians for Life conducted an ambitious six-day Show the Truth Tour in early November throughout South Carolina. Starting as early as 6:30 a.m., the group displayed pictures of aborted babies outside of hospitals, Planned Parenthood clinics, high schools, Clemson University, as well as high-traffic street corners. In addition to showing the awful reality of abortion, CCL volunteers distributed hundreds of pieces of literature and Gospel tracts, all the while calling the nation to repentance.

Members of the group were thrown off the Clemson campus, even though they had authorization to be there. A permit had been granted to come onto the campus and a fee paid by the leader of the ministry team.

CCL Director Dennis Green reports that one of the campus police shoved, blocked and deliberately stepped on the feet of Green’s 16-year old son, Caleb. As Caleb was filming the pro-lifers’ ouster from the campus, the same officer came at him from the side and grabbed his camera, returning it only after he had stolen the film.

The police officer who escorted the group from the campus would not even allow them to stand on the public sidewalk adjacent to the campus.

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CLOSED: Another Milwaukee Abortion Clinic

On Saturday, October 29, the Summit Women’s Health Organization in downtown Milwaukee closed permanently. Although clinic officials didn’t officially state why the clinic was closing, the reason is clearly the intense pro-life activist campaign against the clinic.

Since 2000, the Milwaukee-based Missionaries to the Preborn targeted Summit with daily pickets. Every day for the last five years, the Missionaries stood outside of Summit to try to save unborn children by offering help to their mothers. The Missionaries also launched investigations into the clinic’s notorious operating procedures and widely publicized the malpractice lawsuits brought against its abortionists. But they didn’t stop there.

They also frequently picketed the homes of the abortionists and other Summit workers. During the 1990s, the Missionaries, along with hundreds of other Christians, blockaded the doors to the Summit clinic. Scores were arrested.

Pastor Matt Trewhella, who founded the Missionaries in 1988, commented upon Summit’s closing, “We give thanks to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for the closing of this death camp. This is proof that when God’s people act in simple obedience to His Word and show love to their neighbor in need, these abortion clinics can be shut down.”

Since the Missionaries were founded, six of the eight abortion clinics in Milwaukee have closed, and the overall number of abortions performed in the state of Wisconsin has dropped significantly.

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