Spring Tour Saves a Baby

May 18 Truth Day

Novel Face the Truth display in front of the Art Institute, May 18 [Photo by EJS]

Prior to the summer Truth Tour (see related story), the League took to the streets during the spring with monthly Truth Days, begining with a lunchtime site at Daley Plaza April 18, where our volunteers had many opportunities to discuss the abortion issue with passers-by.

Truth Tour Exposes Abortionist’s Lies

Near the end of our second April 18 site along Lake Shore Drive at Jackson Boulevard, a young man passed by one of the First Trimester signs and stopped in astonishment. “That’s what abortion looks like?” he asked. “They told us it was worms, like a little ball!” He explained that he and his girlfriend had met with staff at an abortion facility, and actually had an abortion scheduled for the next week.

He said that he was supposed to pay for the abortion, but after seeing our signs, he said he couldn’t do it. I gave him information on getting help with this untimely pregnancy.

New Strategy Tested at the Art Institute

A handful of pro-abortion counter-protesters showed up at our first May 18 Truth Day site at Wacker Drive and Madison Street, an “Early Bird” site with coffee and donuts for the volunteers. One of the pro-aborts held a sign reading my mom loves me more. she chose me. We agreed that it is loving to choose to have a baby.

For the second site along Michigan Avenue in front of the Art Institute of Chicago, I tested a novel arrangement of signs, staggering Eighth Week of Life and First Trimester Abortion signs to comprise a series of mini-lessons in what abortion does to the unborn child.

Staff and volunteers were struck by some of the conversations that the display inspired. Everyone passing by was talking about abortion, including a father whom Joe Scheidler oveheard explain to his young children, “That’s what a baby looks like inside its mommy. And that’s what an abortion does to the baby.”

Tour Opens Door to Grace

The spring Tour ended June 15 in the near north suburbs. In Evanston at Davis and Ridge Streets, a man driving by jumped out of his car, swearing and shouting threats at me and rookie Tour coordinator Peter Shaughnessy. I immediately called the police on my cellphone, but gradually we calmed the man down. By the time police arrived, I had engaged him in conversation about some of the problems he was going through, and convinced him to visit a church that day and pray for God’s guidance. When I reached out to shake his hand good-bye, he grabbed me and hugged me.

Following our final site along McCormick Boulevard in Lincolnwood, we spent the afternoon repairing signs in preparation for the Summer Tour.

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