Face the Truth Summer Blitz July 7-17

2003 Tour on Michigan

Scene from last year’s Tour site at the Art Institute of Chicago on Michigan Ave. [Photo by EJS]

The Pro-Life Action League will launch our fifth annual Face the Truth Tour throughout Chicagoland on Wednesday, July 7 with sites in downtown Chicago. The “Summer Blitz” Tour will run through July 17, reaching tens of thousands with sites in the city and suburbs, and as far away as Rockford.

Scores of volunteers will hold signs along public sidewalks that show the horrible injustice suffered by unborn children who are aborted, as well as contrasting signs of beautiful live babies, born and unborn. Others will distribute literature on abortion, and provide information on pregnancy resource centers and post-abortion counseling.

League Ready for Counter-Demonstors

The League faced hostile opposition during our spring Face the Truth Campus Tour from a motley group of anarchists, feminists, atheists and miscellaneous radicals. Among the measures being taken to ensure our safety during the Summer Blitz are continuous video surveillance, on-site legal representation, and working with police to identify and prosecute counter-demonstators’ violations of city, county, state and federal law.

Join as we expose the horror of abortion and awaken the conscience of our nation to take a stand for life during this crucial election year.

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