Fifty “Early Birds” Show the Truth Downtown 8/25

Tour on Madison

Jessica Payne shows early morning commuters the truth about first trimester abortion [Photo by EJS]

Fifty stalwarts join the Pro-Life Action League Wednesday August 25 for the first of our fall Truth Days in downtown Chicago. The “Early Bird” Tour began at 7:30 a.m. at Wacker and Madison, which has become a regular Tour site because of the large numbers of Union Station commuters that walk by during rush hour. The League provided donuts and coffee to the volunteers to encourage participation at such an early hour.

Donut Table

Ann Scheidler mans the donut table on Wacker Drive [Photo by EJS]

This was the largest turn-out ever for a one-day Tour, and far above what we were expecting. Tour organizer Eric Scheidler had brought thirty signs, thinking they would be more than enough. In short order all the signs were out on the street, and a half a dozen volunteers were distributing hundreds of pieces of literature up and down Madison Street.

On-Site Prayer Circle Supports the Tour

Eric organized the additional volunteers into a prayer circle beside one of the flowerbeds on Wacker Drive. They prayed several Rosaries for openness of heart, conversion and healing for all those passing by the display.

Though the supply of signs was short, the coffee and donuts held out until our ending time of 9:00. This “early bird” breakfast was appreciated by the volunteers, and donations from passers-by covered the entire cost.

Summer Rain at Lake Short Drive Site

Our second stop on this half-day Tour was along Lake Shore Drive near Buckingham Fountain. Our committed volunteers were treated to more than just the spray from the Fountain as a light summer rain fell during the middle part of the stop. Our large numbers proved a blessing as again all thirty signs were held on the street and additional volunteers shared their umbrellas up and down the drive.

Tour on Madison

Joe Scheidler across from Buckingham Fountain [Photo by Matthias Scheidler

As we held our signs from 10:00 to 11:30, hundreds of cars passed by, and much of the reaction was positive. The Chicago Police were particularly cooperative at this site.

Picnic in the Park

The rain stopped early enough for most of the signs to have dried off by the time we were ready to load up; only the Malachi signs had to be wiped off before loading. Then about half of the Tour group had a picnic lunch in the park before the rain started up again.

Tour on Madison

Sixteen pictures of Baby Malachi lined the south side of Lake Shore Drive [Photo by Matthias Scheidler

This was an encouraging start to the “Fall Phase” of our 2004 Face the Truth campaign, which will continue in downtown Chicago September 22, October 20 and November 17.

For additional comments on the August 25 Truth Day, including the story of Shiela, who was converted from being pro-choice into being a pro-life activists by Face the Truth, see Joe Scheidler’s August 26-29 Hotline.

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