Pro-Life Demonstration To Bring Truth about Abortion to Chicago Campuses

Immediate Release
Contact: Eric Scheidler, 708-386-7429/773-251-8792

The Pro-Life Action League and volunteers from throughout Chicagoland will hold large graphic abortion signs along the streets running through Chicago area college campuses this spring, starting with visits to Northwestern and Loyola Universities this Wednesday, March 10. The campus visits are part of a pro-life public education campaign called “Face the Truth” with dates running through the year.

“After more than thirty years of legal abortion, many people remain ignorant about what abortion really is,” explained Pro-Life Action League Communications Director Eric Scheidler. “They’ve heard about ‘blobs of tissue’ and ‘potential life,’ but they’ve never really faced the truth that abortion kills unborn babies. That’s what ‘Face the Truth’ is all about.”

With polls showing that young people are more pro-life than their parents, Scheidler is looking forward to the campus “Face the Truth” campaign. “College students have a natural desire in the truth,” said Scheidler. “We’ll be on campus to show the truth about abortion and invite students to join us standing up for the humanity of unborn children.”

The full itinerary for the March 10 “Face the Truth on Campus” day is as follows:

  • 9:00-10:30 a.m. Northwestern University, starting at Foster St. and Sheridan Rd.
  • 12:00-1:30 p.m. Loyola University, starting at Kenmore Ave. and Sheridan Rd.

More information about Face the Truth and the Pro-Life Action League is available at our website, prolifeaction.org.

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