Drivers Needed in Abortion Battlegrounds

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) is launching a bold project to keep the abortion issue before the conscience of American voters during this critical election year. With several appointment to the Supreme Court almost certain in the next presidential term, as well as legislation on life issues such as cloning and the proposed Marriage Amendment, we need a pro-life President and Senate. And you can help make it happen.

Truth Truck

The Key States Initiative will target key pro-life battleground states — states where the pro-life issue is likely to be important in the presidential and senate races — with Reproductive Choice Campaign (RCC) Trucks plastered with abortion pictures and RCC Planes flying huge abortion banners. Millions of voters and future voters will be reached with this initiative.

Training Provided for Qualified Drivers

CBR is seeking drivers to travel from state to state with the Key States Initiative, driving the RCC Trucks, which are all automatic transmission and require no special license. This is a substantial pro-life commitment, running from right now until the general election in November. But the drivers of these Truth Trucks will have a tremendous impact on the public; God willing they will help to bring about a great pro-life victory on Election Day.

To volunteer to drive one of the Truth Trucks or for more information, call the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform 562-777-9117 or 614-419-9000. Training will be provided for qualified drivers.

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