Campus Radicals Face the Truth

FTT at Northwestern Arches

Campus radicals lose control of sloppy bedsheet sign as they try to disrupt our group photo [Photo by EJS]

Our Face the Truth on Campus spring campaign was launched Wednesday, March 10 amid a hostile counter-protest organized at Northwestern University in Evanston. Though outnumbered three to one, our group of stalwart volunteers faced the taunting, cursing crowd of pro-aborts peacefully and prayerfully, and managed to show the ugly truth about abortion to passing cars and pedestrians despite the counter-protesters’ attempts to block them with their nearly illegible home-made signs.

FTT at Northwestern along Sheridan

Though outnumbered, we still showed the truth about abortion [Photo by EJS]

The motley crowd of feminists, communists and other radical collegians was organized by the local chapter of Refuse and Resist. The Truth Day coincided with Refuse and Resist’s annual Abortion Providers Appreciation Day. A member of the group was arrested for disorderly conduct as he tried to prevent our taking a picture at the conclusion of the morning demonstration at the Northwestern arches at Sheridan Rd. and Chicago Ave.

NW Pro-Lifers

NW students Mandy Schaal and James Fee [Photo by EJS]

Several Northwestern students joined our ranks, holding large graphic abortion pictures and sharing the pro-life message with passing fellow students. After the demonstration, pro-lifer Paula Emmerth stayed behind for an hour to talk to the pro-abortion students, who were much more respectful and open to dialog once the Refuse and Resist members left campus.

FTT at Loyola

Face the Truth volunteers at Loyola University [Photo by EJS]

We had even more support from students at our lunchtime stop at Loyola University in Chicago, where we were joined by several members of Pro-Life Loyola University Students (PLUS), the campus pro-life group, and met by a small contingent of counter-protesters. Public support at Loyola was generally greater than at Northwestern, but the Dean of Students came on the scene and seemed disappointed that she couldn’t ban us from the public sidewalk.

The Face the Truth on Campus campaign will continue to bring the truth of abortion to Chicagoland colleges and universities through the spring. Our next Campus Truth Day is April 7 at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Illinois Institute of Technology.

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