Pro-Aborts Terrorize April 7 Campus Truth Day


The ugly truth of abortion still got out, despite the pro-abort harrasment [Photo by EJS]

The Pro-Life Action League’s second Campus Face the Truth was met with hostile and even violent opposition from pro-abort counter-protesters, especially at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The day began relatively peacefully at the Illinois Institute of Technology, where the pro-abortion harrassment was concentrated on League National Director Joe Scheidler and his son, Comunications Director Eric Scheidler, who was organizing the event. Several pro-lifers were able to engage in fruitful conversation about the life issues with a group of IIT students who came out to hold signs mocking the very idea of public protest.

Pro-Aborts Turn Violent at UIC

At UIC, the counter-protest turned ugly. The counter-demonstrators, many of them dressed in black masks holding signs with slogans like “I’m Pro-Choice and I RIOT!” grew increasingly hateful and violent, kicking signs, blocking the sidewalk, screaming, swearing and issuing threats of violence. At least two pro-life women were battered by one pro-abort man, who pushed them in the chest, and a police report was filed.


Some of the hostile pro-abort opposition [Photo by EJS]

Joe and Eric Scheidler were splashed with black ink when they walked away from the main demonstration area followed by three pro-aborts. The masked woman who splashed them took off running and could not be apprehended. Joe Scheidler had to leave the demonstration to seek medical attention for his left eye, which took a direct hit from the ink.

The UIC and Chicago Police were out in great numbers, but for the most part gave the pro-abort radicals free rein. One of them even laughed when he saw Joe Scheidler’s blackened face shortly after the ink incident.

Pro-Aborts Show True Colors


Do these women look like sexists? Racists? [Photo by EJS]

With signs and chants the pro-abort radicals called us “racist,” “sexist” and “bigotted,” and yet our group represented a far more diverse cross section of American society. And while the majority of the pro-aborts were men, our group was more than half women. They described our peaceful protest as “spreading hate,” while exemplifying true hatred in all their words and actions.

A repeated refrain was that we are “anti-woman,” yet the pro-aborts expressed no concern for the suffering that women undergo from abortion. Though claiming to respect women, they treated the women in our group with contempt, screaming and yelling in their faces, even pushing and threatening them. Not even the children in our group were spared their attacks; at one point a ten-year-old homeschooled girl was reduced to tears by the taunts and threatening presence of a group of pro-aborts.

Campus Tour Continues in May

The pro-abortion campaign of intimidation will not deter us from continuing our Face the Truth on Campus campaign. Please join us for our next Campus Truth Day, May 5, when we will visit Columbia College of Chicago and Roosevelt University.

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