Merry Christmas, Not Happy Holiday

First off, have a blessed and Merry Christmas, not a Happy Holiday. Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem, and that’s it.

Despite prohibitions of Religious Christmas carols in Public schools and no “Merry Christmas” in Federal Offices, and despite the vandalism of Crèches, and attempts to prohibit almost any suggestion that Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birthday, Christmas continues to be the celebration of the greatest birth in the history of mankind, the Birth of Christ who came to reconcile us with the Father, to be our Savior.

So despite so much concentration on the commercial aspect of Christmas, the parties and gift-giving, it still remains the celebration is the Birth of Jesus. So if you make Christ the center of your Christmas celebration you will have a Merry Christmas.

Suit Filed in Abortion Drug Death

The parents of Holly Patterson from Livermore CA have filed a wrongful death and product liability lawsuit against Danco Laboratories, manufacturer of Mifeprex, which they claim was the cause of their daughter’s death in September, 2003, when she was 18.

Mifeprex was given to Holly at a Planned Parenthood mill in Hayward, CA to induce abortion. An autopsy concluded that Holly died of septic shock.

The suit was filed in Alameda County Superior Court, and says that Danco failed to warn doctors about the potential dangers of Mifeprex. Also mentioned in the lawsuit are the Population Council which sponsored Mifeprex’s development, the doctor who treated Holly, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate and Valley Care Health System.

A spokesman for Danco says the is no causal relationship between use of Mifeprex and Holly Patterson’s death. Holly was 18.

More Saying “Merry Christmas”?

More about the Christmas battle: The lead editorial in Wednesday’s Chicago Tribune is entitled, “About that ‘war on Christmas’.” It goes into all the prohibitions now being placed at the behest mostly of the ACLU, on recognizing Christmas as a Christian celebration, but the editorial ends by encouraging a spirit of sharing and helping others.

And Kathleen Parker, also in Wednesday’s Chicago Tribune, writes about the anti-Christmas brigands, but says she is overjoyed to find so many Jewish leaders who love the sights and sounds of Christmas, and are not the least bit offended by the Christian holy day. They say that Nativity scenes express belief in God, and that can’t be anything but good.

She even knows some Muslims who love the sound of “Merry Christmas,” and believe all the anti-Christmas hype has merely created a backlash.

Kathleen agrees. She says she’s hearing “Merry Christmas” more in the last two weeks than she has in the past ten years. “Suddenly everybody’s saying it,” she writes.

God Bless Us. Every One

Since nobody’s going to read this Action News Hotline during the next few days, I’ll just end it here, for those few who do, with a sincere “Merry Christmas!” And, as Tiny Tim would say, “God bless us all. Every one.”

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