Pro-Lifers Multiply In Cincinnati

Ann and I just returned from a fund-raiser for the League hosted by Jennifer Giroux of Cincinnati, Ohio. She put the whole event together in less than a month and raised more than $10,000 for the League.
They even auctioned off one of the last copies of my book, CLOSED. It brought a bid of $350.

Pro-Life Flourishes in Cincinnati

I spoke on activism and Ann explained the legal history of NOW v. Scheidler and Scheidler v. NOW. Ann understands and explains the case much better than I do, since she has a legal mind and comes from a family of lawyers.

Our hat is off to the many Scheidlers who attended (Cincinnati is where our great grandparents settled when they left Germany), the people who drove in through heavy rain from Kentucky and various cities in Ohio, and Bob Cetrulo, founder of Northern Kentucky Right to Life in Covington for his excellent introduction.

I also met Mae Braden who has 70 grandchildren, 112 great grandchildren and 30 great, great grandchildren. Jim and Rose Condit have 57 grandchildren from their nine children, so it looks to me like pro-life Christians are taking over. While the pro-aborts are killing their kids, we’re having ours.

Jenn had to rush from the talks to be on Joe Scarborough’s program, Scarborough Country, to talk on the miserable flop of a movie about Alfred Kinsey, and why Kinsey — through his false reports — was in great part responsible for the mess we are in today.

Thursday morning we visited the Giroux’s wonderful religious goods shops, and bought a bunch of old classic movies that you can show to your children — from back in the good old days of morality in the media. Remember?

Ann and I also learned a lot from the good people of Cincinnati, from Jenn Giroux and Bob Cetrulo and other activists, during our discussion and question period following the talks. Pro-life is alive and well in cities like Cincinnati, and in towns and cities all over America.

As I told the audience during my speech, there will come a time in America when abortion will be as unthinkable as slavery is today. I won’t live to see it, but maybe some of those 112 great grandchildren will.

Von Hildebrand on Altar Boy Kerry

Our good friend Alice von Hildebrand has a very interesting column in the Nov. 25 issue of The Wanderer entitled, “John Kerry: An Ignorant Altar Boy.” She points out that in his last-ditch effort to recruit much-needed Catholic votes, he made a fundamental error in that, while he was reminding voters that he had been an altar boy, he betrayed his abysmal ignorance of the Catholic faith. He said he couldn’t impose his Church’s doctrine on others.

As an altar boy, von Hildebrand says, Kerry should have known his ABC’s of the Doctrine of the Church. She calls this leaky reasoning, and thinks it may have contributed to Kerry’s defeat. The prohibition against killing innocent people is not a Catholic dogma, but an “arch principle of morality valid for all people everywhere.”

The Catholic Church condemns abortion because it is intrinsically evil, and the evil of murder applies to everyone, Catholic, non-Catholic, even atheists. Kerry, von Hildebrand writes, offended everyone by suggesting that only Catholics believe in the evil of killing innocent people, which is what abortion is.

She concludes her article by saying that Bush’s victory shows that the majority of Americans reject crimes against human life and dignity, as well as the legalization of perversions. She prays that moral values will be irrevocably guaranteed by just legislation — which lead to social justice.

Dutch Hospital Kills Newborns

In other news, a hospital in Holland admit that they are already killing “defective” newborn babies, so we see what euthanasia bills for the elderly and terminally ill lead to: the killing of imperfect newborns. The hospital killed four born babies in 2003. There were no legal proceedings against the hospital or the doctorts.

The Notorious Joe Scheidler

Don Wycliff, in Thursday’s Chicago Tribune, says he heard from a reader who thinks he should have mentioned that Eileen Dolehide, who wrote an earlier letter to Wycliff about calling Baby Connor a “baby instead of a ‘fetus,'” should have mentioned that she is a pro-life activist who has been a long time friend of Joe Scheidler.

Wycliff quotes one of my earlier Newslines that compliments the Dolehydes for joining our Truth Tours. What’s that all about?

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