Even The Pro-Aborts Have Read “Closed”

More than a week after the election the liberals from every profession and walk of life are still belly-aching and screaming and shouting about the Republican win, the sudden revelation that moral values still matter to the majority of Americans and that the Democrats’ dirty tricks didn’t work.

Media Still Lost on Values Voters

One of the best commentaries on how the liberal press missed the story is an article by John McCormick in Tuesday’s Chicago Tribune. McCormick’s story substantiates the old saw that most media people don’t have us on their Rolodex.

Many have never met a real conservative but have created an image of their own that was able to convince media folks all over the world that we conservative Christians and practicing Catholics really do believe in absolute truth and sound moral values. One wag in the British press even asked how 59 million Americans can be so dumb, referring to those who voted Bush back into office. Final figures were actually Bush 59,722,952 to Kerry’s 56, 249, 551.

John Leo in U. S. News and World Report for Nov. 15 says that on the morning after the election, news people at cable outlets and National Public Radio launched a one-day seminar to educate themselves on the “new” and “surprising” finding that millions of Americans had actually voted on social issues. The seminar was necessary because mainstream media personnel don’t spend much time or space covering these issues and don’t personally know anybody willing to say they count for much.

But exit polls showed that “moral values” was the biggest issue on the minds of voters and four-fifths of them had voted for Bush. As McCormick says in his article:

We are a nation of red states and blue cities. When you see the county voting map it is exactly that. . . . Much as we can delude ourselves otherwise, elections aren’t about candidates, or conventions, or strategists, or advertising, or even issues. Elections are about voters in this case the 120 million Americans who thought through what they want in a president and acted on their beliefs.

Columnist Fears Roe Overturn

The issue many in the liberal media are concentrating on is abortion, naturally, a woman’s most basic right according to many of them. For instance, in Wednesday’s Chicago Sun Times, Cindy Richards writes an article headlined, “Emboldened GOP ready to rock Roe.” Cindy says Bush will appoint a new Supreme Court that would overturn Roe vs. Wade, the landmark ruling that made abortion legal in America.

Then Cindy goes into the sixty-year old arguments for having legal abortion — huge numbers of women who will die if Roe is overturned. Rich women will get abortions, poor women won’t.

Must we repeat it all? She throws in coat hangers and bleach and praises Planned Parenthood for setting up even a Post Roe Service Delivery Task Force — mills along the border in Canada, or on Indian reservations or even on ships anchored offshore.

What will the pro-aborts think of next?

CLOSED Cited at Hearing

We were flattered somewhat when we learned that at a raucous hearing in Charlottesville, VA Wednesday, as to whether Planned Parenthood may put a mill in a residential area, one of the pro-aborts held up my book, Closed: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion, apparently to prove that plans are already on the books, so to speak.

Missy Smith said the hearings before the five-man zoning commission went in favor of the Planned Parenthood mill, despite arguments that such an invasion by the abortionists drags down the value of real estate in the community where a mill is set up. One of PP’s arguments for the mill is that it is near the schools.

Our hope is, of course, that the pro-aborts’ worst fears come true and Bush appoints pro-life judges and the 55 U. S. Senators find five democrats to vote with them to end the inevitable filibusters Ted Kennedy and Charlie Schumer will orchestrate to keep the Senate from voting them in, and that Roe is indeed “rocked,” as Cindy Richards fears it will be.

We shall wait and see but meanwhile we’re glad at least the pro-abortionists have read my book.

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