Pro-Lifers Can’t Say The Name Kerry In Churches

These are sacred days, Monday the Feast of All Saints and Tuesday the Feast of All Souls, when we pray for the dead. Tuesday is also Election Day, so pray also for our country’s life.

The rest of the month is for the rest of us, the Feast of the Church Militant.

Pro-Lifers Protest “Catholic” Loyola

Speaking of the Church Militant, a group of fifty enthusiastic pro-lifers met at the Westin Chicago River North Hotel Saturday at 5 p.m. to protest Loyola University School of Law giving its St. Robert Belarmaine award to militant pro-abortion Catholic, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. The League organized the protest.

Madigan, during her campaign for Attorney General, pledged to close crisis pregnancy centers. She was endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Cardinal Francis George asked the Law School not to grant the award to Madigan. It is against Church instructions.

John Jansen, who coordinated the picket, is an alumnus of Loyola and made sure there were plenty of graphic pictures for the party goers to see as they entered the unholy event. Demonstrators lined Dearborn and Clark from the river to Kinzie, and also along Kinzie Ave.

We don’t know if Lisa saw the signs but she knew we were there, and she and Loyola must have been embarrassed to have their ceremony rained on by pro-lifers.

A professor from the Law schools stopped to talk to the demonstrators and couldn’t understand why we were protesting, but promised to give one of our flyers to Fr. Michael Garazzini, President of Loyola. He invited pro-lifers to attend one of his Saturday morning law classes. We might take him up on it

Kerry Scolds Vatican

Democrat candidate John Kerry has scolded the Vatican for saying Catholic politicians like him have a moral duty to oppose giving legal rights to gay couples. Protesting that he is a good Catholic, Kerry says the Church should stay out of politics.

The Vatican has urged Catholics and non-Catholics alike to oppose gay marriage and gay adoptions, and calls on Catholic politicians to oppose laws that grant such evils. While Kerry opposes gay marriage, he thinks gay couples should have the same privileges as married couples.

IRS Says Pro-Lifer Can’t Use the “K”-Word

Pat Mahoney, who has been traveling across the country on a fifteen day-tour pleading with Christians not to vote for John Kerry, has been banned by the Internal Revenue Service saying he cannot mention the “K” word when speaking in a Church.

Mahoney said churches are allowed to pray for whomever they want to. He is considering legal action against the IRS for violating his first amendment Rights. Churches he was scheduled to speak at have cancelled his talks.

Meanwhile, by the time we broadcast our next Action News Hotline we may know who is going to be President for the next four years. Say a prayer that it isn’t “K.” Four years under that pro-abort would be a disaster.

New Abortionist in Rockford

Richard Ragsdale, the abortionist at the Rockford mill for 31 years, and who died last week of pancreatic cancer, has been replaced, according to our sources in Rockford, by a woman abortionist they believe comes in from the Chicago area. Pro-lifers waited outside the Northern Illinois Women’s Center until she came out.

They got her picture and license plate number. It is an Illinois plate from the Chicago Area. If you have any information give us a call.

By the way, we’ve learned that Rags wasn’t a Catholic after all, but a Unitarian.

WomanCare Services Banquet Nov. 4

Plan to attend WomanCare Services first annual Respect Life Banquet Sunday, Nov. 14 from l to 5 p.m. Yours Truly is the keynote speaker.Laura Nelson heads WomanCare Services. Laura has been on the front lines of the pro-life movement for more than twenty years.

For information call them at 708-795-6000. The event is at the Skylight West, 7117 West Ogden Ave. in Berwyn, IL

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