Core Beliefs Of Keyes Examined But Obama’s Are Ignored

I’ll be speaking in Manchester, New Hampshire Sunday. Say a prayer that I’ll be able to encourage even more active enthusiasm into their pro-life work out there.

Tribune Underscores Keyes’ Idealism

A story in Thursday’s Chicago Tribune Tempo section on Alan Keyes, Republican for U. S. Senate from Illinois, calls him a gifted orator who is running an unorthodox and at times abrasive campaign to promote his deeply held beliefs. They say Keyes is calling moral principles the foundation of American ideals, but, the writers, Liam Ford and Rudolph Bush, ask, will his convictions translate into votes for him?

The article isn’t half bad, admitting that Keyes is more interested in discussing the basic reasons for our problems as stemming from our national moral behavior. When asked to talk on economic development, housing and schools, for instance, Keyes says the root cause of most urban problems is the collapse of the family structure in key communities.

While he offends some, Keyes also has a group of followers who say he is the only politician who is willing to tell voters the brutal truth. He has made it clear that he views his campaign as a crusade for the soul of America, calling his opponent’s support of civil unions for homosexual couples and support of abortion threaten the basis of American rights.

The writers admit that whether or not Keyes wins over his audience,

[H]is spontaneous lecturing demonstrates one of his most astonishing abilities. He can speak eloquently without a prepared text — and usually without notes — using rhetoric that is relentlessly logical and builds to a strong point.”

Keyes recently told a crowd in southern Illinois,

I know how to find my way to people who understand America’s principles, who share its decent conscience and who will stand in defense of its true values . . . and that is what is at stake in this Senate race — our principles, our consciences and our true values.

If you were fortunate enough to hear the debate between Keyes and Barack Obama Thursday night you have to vouch for the many facets of Alan Keyes brought out in this Tempo sketch. He was all that and then some and we believe Keyes won the debate hands down. But will it translate, as the Tribune article asks, into votes?

Media Not Interested in Obama’s Core Beliefs

Friday’s sketch of Barack Obama, Democrat for U. S. Senate from Illinois, is mostly about his sudden rise to fame and very little about his views on moral issues or his basic philosophy. But it does ask whether he can live up to being the voice of a new political generation, a leader for African-Americans and a devoted family man all at the same time? This sketch assumes an Obama victory. We will see soon enough.

Battle To Save Terri Continues

The Florida Supreme Court Thursday denied a request by Gov. Jeb Bush’s attorneys to reconsider their ruling on Terri’s Law, calling it unconstitutional. Bush is considering appealing their decision to the U. S. Supreme Court. So the battle for life rages on.

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