Tribune Explains Where The Candidates Stand On Life Issues

A November 7 Chicago Tribune Campaign 2004 story on Matters of faith does us a favor by listing the issues that define each presidential candidate on gay rights, same-sex marriage, abortion, the death penalty, decency in media, stem cell research and church-state separation.

Kerry and Bush on Matters of Faith

The summaries go into detail showing that Bush is right on almost all the issues and Kerry is dead wrong on most. This 8 by 11 format would fit nicely on a standard 8 1/2 by ll sheet and could be handed out as is.

A accompanying story says Kerry’s Catholic problem is not like John Kennedy’s, whom people thought would show allegiance to the Pope. Kerry’s problem is that even to non-Catholics he’s not Catholic enough.

Bush Must Win Tonight’s Debate

Since everybody’s talking about Friday night’s debate between George Bush and John Kerry, we’ll put in our two cents : we missed the first debate but the European press gave it to Kerry and most stories we’ve been reading since coming home seem to confirm this. We’ve heard Bush missed many opportunities to turn the tables on Kerry, let Kerry get away with second guessing his decisions, and looked exhausted. Known for his strength and clarity of purpose, he projected weakness and uncertainty.

But syndicated columnist Ruben Navarette of Texas says Bush has what Kerry lacks — a consistent message, core principles and the courage to stick to his guns even when people don’t like it. Also, Bush is a natural leader, while “there doesn’t seem to be much that’s natural about Kerry”

In Friday’s debate Bush needs to get off the “It’s a tough job” kick. Bush needs to be more prepared, more assuring and more confident in his policies and positions. He needs to take command of the debate and force Kerry to explain his inconsistencies. Instead of concentrating on Kerry’s lack of character he must build the case why he is the person to lead in these frightening and difficult times.

Navarette says Bush can’t afford to lose the second debate. We’ll know soon enough. Good luck, Mr. President.

Marriage Amendment Fails in House

In case you haven’t heard, Congress defeated the amendment to ban gay marriage. The vote was 227 to 186, 49 votes short of the 23 needed for approval.

Workhorse Roeser Needs Prayers

Please keep Tom Roeser in your prayers. He is undergoing heart surgery. Like the work-horse he is, he has a fantastic front page column in the October 7 Wander, and recently published one of the best of his columns in the Sun-Times, “Keyes’ unpolished candor will be his undoing.”

My most vivid image of Tom is at a protest in which he held a large sign quoting from scripture, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” It fits Tom.

Thanks, Matt

Matt Abbott calls our Hotline, or reads it online, because in the October 7 issue of the Wanderer he quotes part of my story about “Rick” sidewalk counseling at a local abortion mill and unexpectedly getting help from a woman whom Rick had tried to talk out of an abortion years ago but couldn’t. She showed up at exactly the right time and told the abortion bound woman that she constantly wishes that she had listened to Rick’s advice, that her life fell apart after the abortion.

The woman listened intently and then said this had to be an act of God that the woman came along just at that time. She cancelled her abortion.

Thanks Matt, we needed that.

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