Illinois Abortion Numbers Plummet To “only” 42,000

A recent issue of the Illinois Leader says 2003 recorded an unprecedented drop in Illinois abortions. The article by Bill Beckman and Jill Stanek says abortions are down by ten percent in the last two years recorded. That is 4,717 fewer abortion in 2003 than in 2002.

Abortions Down in Illinois

Illinois’ all time high was in 1977, with 71,326 reported abortions. In 2003 the figure was 42,228. What a horrendous number still, each a little girl or boy who will never visit Kiddieland, but some were saved, and the current drop represents the largest decline in 30 years. Other states show similar drops.

What are the reasons? Pro-aborts attribute it to sex education and birth control. Others attribute it to successful abstinence education programs. Libby Gray of Illinois-based Project Reality says the State saw a teen birthrate drop to a 20-year low in 2000, and that it is “wonderful to hear abortions are also at a record low, meaning that if abortion rates have dropped and birthrates have dropped, something is changing in behavior.” Even public health officials credited abstinence training as contributing to the decline.

Others credit the abortion decrease to an increases in people beginning to recognize the moral, psychological and health impact of abortion. Aborted women now coming out to hold “I Regret My Abortion” signs, and share their grief over their abortions is contributing to a wider recognition of the impact of abortion on women and their families. This is powerful testimony.

Two Overlooked Reasons

Two forms of pro-life activity aren’t mentioned in the report on Illinois’ abortion decline: For one, the pro-life movement has hundreds of sidewalk counselors in front of abortion mills all over Illinois, and all over the country.

One morning at a Michigan Ave. mill, twenty women were dissuaded from abortion and given help at a nearby Pregnancy Resource Center. These PRCs are distributed throughout the state, and throughout the United States. One morning Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, run out of our office, reported seven turn-aways from a single mill.

Yet another reason for fewer abortion is Face the Truth Tours conducted all over Illinois by pro-life groups holding large photographs of the victims of abortion. And these are spreading nationwide. On one of these tours twenty women planning to abort stopped to talk with us and decided to have their babies instead. We hold one of these tours every month.

Only the Lord knows how many women have decided against abortion, and how many peoples’ minds were changed toward abortion. Even the secular press has been reporting changes in the polls and exposing the fact that more and more people are getting educated on abortion. There are many pieces to the explanation of why abortions are down in Illinois and other states. But say a prayer that the downward trend continues.

Keyes’ Integrity

Here’s a quote from Alan Keyes as reported in Monday’s Chicago Sun-Times: “I would rather lose every single election, starting with this one, without a single vote, than support something that God condemns.”

Were that there were more politicians like Alan Keyes for whom the truth is more important than a few votes and with a philosophy that puts God and truth ahead of winning and flip-flopping.

Radio Host Killed in Tragic Accident

We have more sad news: Our old Notre Dame buddy Tony Donadio, known to his radio fans as Don Anthony, was killed in a head-on collision in Towson, MD, Sunday, and his wife Nancy was critically injured in the collision.

Tony was originally from Indianapolis, IN and we both sang in the Notre Dame Glee Club. Tony was an actor, worked against the drug culture, and had his own radio show. Pray for the repose of Tony’s soul and for Nancy’s complete recovery. Tony’s funeral is Tuesday in Baltimore.

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