Critics Conceed Keyes Has Strong Moral Positions

There’s an old saying that goes “There is no such thing as bad press. There is press or no press, and no press is the only bad press.” While this is a bit exaggerated, in a way it makes a lot of sense.

Keyes Speaks the Truth

It is probably better for Ambassador Alan Keyes to be getting insulting columns and nasty stories, rather than to be ignored by the press. Have you noticed that during all this bashing of Alan Keyes, we are reading almost nothing about his opponent, Barack Obama?

Keyes is being bashed, but Keyes is in the news. Keyes is being maligned, but Keyes is the senatorial candidate whose name is covering the state. Keyes has and will in time respond to these charges. Obama, having no charges against him, simply stands around delivering the same boring Democrat “gimme” promises, while Keyes is challenging people to think.

Even some of Keyes’ most hostile critics are at least giving him credit for taking a stand on the moral issues. He is clearly against same sex marriage. He is strongly against abortion for any reason, and he has morality behind him.

Even critic John Kass conceded in a recent Tribune column that while Keyes is not his cup of tea, Keyes’opposition to gay marriage and the reasons for it, are held by many millions and are grounded firmly in Judeo-Christian teaching. And, says Kass, “I’m not willing to condemn millions of Roman Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox and Jews for their faith, simply because Keyes’ delivery is angry, caustic and selfish.”

Kass goes further and says Keyes is playing into the moderate Republicans’ hands who will blame him for a loss in November and say that conservative candidates have no business in Illinois. They’ll use Keyes’ failure as a tool to maintain control of the party and blame him for the GOP problems, instead of the corruption tied to their buddy, former Gov. George Ryan.

Kass may be right, but we doubt that anyone but so-called moderate Republicans will believe this lie. We believe that Keyes is giving a strong voice to conservative Republicans and that henceforth conservative Republicans will have more clout and respect in Illinois because of Keyes.

And don’t forget that the election is nearly two moths away, and not all the people of Illinois are as crass and stupid as many in the media seem to think they are. The truth has a way of changing people’s thinking, and one thing people from all walks of life will hear from Alan Keyes, arrogant as he might sound to some, will be the truth. What they will get from Barack Obama is what Alan Keyes calls the “gimme” programs and promises of paradise on earth.

Another Case of False Arrest

Apparently our sidewalk counselors are really getting through to the abortionists. More and more the abortionists are striking out trying to get rid of us from in front of their abortuaries, because we are hurting their business. Not content to sue national leaders on outrageous anti- trust and RICO charges, they also routinely call the police and make false reports to get sidewalk counselors arrested.

Case in point: one of our counselors, Jeff, last Saturday was pushed against the building by an irate customer for trying to warn her about the dangerous mill she was entering. A few minutes later the police came and Jeff spent the rest of the day in jail on her word and the word of the Planned Parenthood staff. But the police would pay no attention at all to the pro-life witnesses who saw the whole thing.

Well, the time has come to fight back, and Jeff now has one of the city’s best attorneys, and we will keep you informed as to the progress of this case of false arrest. Enough is enough.

And don’t think this is happening only in Chicago. We subscribe to dozens of pro-life newsletters and get the old false arrest story over and over again, the violent pro-aborts turning on our people and then reporting to the police that we were at fault.

But while we encourage pro-lifers to seek justice, we never fail to encourage prayer for these poor unhappy people going in for abortion. They are digging a hole they can never get out of, and we are just trying to keep them from falling into the pit of their own making.

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