Reporters React To Ruling On Partial Birth Abortion

In the wake of Federal District Judge Richard Casey’s decision that the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban is unconstitutional and may not be enforced, there has been an outcry from every corner of the country condemning his ruling.

Even Casey had described this method as “gruesome, brutal, barbaric and uncivilized,” and said that there was “credible evidence that such abortions subject fetuses to severe pain.” Yet without explaining why the partial birth abortion would ever need to be used for a woman’s health, he ruled against the ban.

Reaction to Casey Partial Birth Abortion Ruling

According to Life Advocacy Briefing for August 30, Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey said:

There is nothing compassionate nor benign about stabbing babies in the skull with scissors so their brains can be sucked out. In like manner, there is nothing compassionate or benign about other methods of abortion like injections of chemical poison that burn and blister or dismemberment by suction machines 20 or 30 times more powerful than household vacuum cleaners.

Gary Bauer of Campaign for Working Families asks:

Have any of these judges ever read our nation’s founding documents, like the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, which they claim to be interpreting? Abortion does not appear anywhere in the Constitution. But the notion that life is sacred, ‘endowed by our Creator’ as an “inalienable right,” is a constant theme. There is something grossly wrong with our “representative democracy” when one unelected, unaccountable judge can overturn the will of the other two elected branches of government.

Shannen Coffin writes in the Aug. 27 National Review:

If ever you needed convincing about the importance of this November’s Presidential election to the future of our republic, Thursday’s decision by a federal judge in Manhattan striking down the federal ban on partial-birth abortion should certainly accommodate your needs. Judge Casey’s opinion demonstrates just how far off the constitutional cliff the Supreme Court — pushed by increasingly hungry “civil rights” activists — has driven this country. It is Exhibit Number One to show how crucial this election is to recapturing constitutional sanity in the Supreme Court and the lower federal courts.

Amen to that and all other outrage at what the rotten-to-the-core federal court system is doing to our country. America has become nothing but a dictatorship of the mostly godless federal court system. Can you imagine what a President John Kerry would do with his power to appoint federal judges, including the U. S. Supreme Court?

Time To Resist the Imperial Court

In an earlier statement last June Charles Colson of Prison Fellowship Ministries had pointed out that 282 members of the House and 64 members of the Senate had voted to ban partial-birth abortion and the President had signed the bill into law. But before the ink was dry, three federal judges had declared the ban unconstitutional because it posed an undue burden on a woman’s right to abortion. Yet sworn testimony had been given that indicated that partial-birth abortion is never required for a mother’s health.

Colson concludes that the logic of the court decision is appalling, saying that the people have no right to make any laws regulating the definition and safety of a medical procedure that could in any way interfere with a woman’s easy access to an abortion and that if they do the legislative function simply slips from Congress over to black-robed judges. Colson says:

During slavery, Abraham Lincoln said he would not recognize the Dred Scott decision legalizing slavery. One of these days somebody is going to have to do the same thing with the judiciary on this issue. What we are seeing is a usurpation of legislative authority and an infringement on the right of the people to self-govern.

When will our democratically elected leaders stand up and defend our nation from judicial tyranny?

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