Judge Votes To Allow “Gruesome, Barbaric” Partial Birth Abortions

Smiling Federal Judge Richard Casey of New York, who asked some hard questions about the partial birth abortion procedure back when he was scrutinizing so-called doctors who commit the atrocity, nevertheless declared the ban unconstitutional last Thursday, because it didn’t make an exception to protect a woman’s health.

Judge Okays “Gruesome, Barbaric” Abortion Procedure

Judge Casey had himself referred to the procedure as “gruesome, brutal, barbaric and uncivilized,” but never mind all that — it’s just fine to commit “gruesome, brutal , barbaric uncivilized” — and we might add ” a horribly painful and totally unnecessary” form of killing. But just in case a doctor decides this would be the safest way for him to make sure the baby is dead, it’s ok to do it.

According to literally thousands of real doctors, the operation is never necessary for a woman’s health, but to the contrary, it is quite dangerous to her health. But ignorant Federal judges can be found easily, and the baby killers know who they are, and where to find them. So the barbarism continues unabated.

We were interviewed by CBS when the ruling came down and said that the law was good for getting the story on abortion out, but that ultimately all abortion must be outlawed. These mincing steps are good for publicity, but will never save the life of a baby scheduled for abortion.

Last June a pro-abortion District Judge in San Francisco declared the law unconstitutional, and we have one to go in Nebraska. Then the Supremes will get another crack at the ban, and they’ve already declared it unconstitutional once, so probably will again — but hope springs eternal.

Democrats for Life Hold on to Hope

We have always had a kind of soft spot in our heart for the poor Democrats for Life, and there they were, out in Boston being treated like dirt by most of the other Democrats, while Planned Parenthood was handing out pins and literature and acting like they ran the Democrat party, which they virtually do. But the Democrats for Life were there, all two or three dozen of them.

Asked if they see any signs of hope, former Ambassador to the Vatican, Ray Flynn said he does, and that they will just keep planting seeds. He says more Democrats are pro-life than anyone imagines. We hope he’s right.

Two Great Pro-Life Events Saturday

Saturday, September 11 could be called Pro-Life Saturday in the Chicago Area. Coming at the invitation of Our Lady of Guadalupe Pro-Life Mission to Lombard, IL, to speak at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church Opera Hall , 114 South Elizabeth, is Pro-Life heroine, Monica Migliorino Miller. Active in Pro-Life since 1976, Monica has led pro-life activists in Chicago and Milwaukee — where she helped close half-a-dozen abortion mills and spent nine months in jail — was a leader of pro-life activities in Joliet, and is now stationed in the Detroit area.

The day begins with Mass at 8 a.m., followed by refreshments at 8:30 and Monica’s talk at 9:00. All is free and Monica’s talk will be both inspirational and motivational.

Later that same day, from ll:30 a.m. to 3:30 PM, Cause of our Joy Ministry will host its first annual “Tell Them the Truth” Pro-life Billboard Campaign in Willowbrook, IL. It will be at Ashton Place, 341 West 75th St. in Willowbrook. Speakers are:

  • Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe vs. Wade,
  • Mary Ann Kuharski of Pro-Life Across America, “The Billboard People,”
  • Dr. Robert Lawler, Ob/Gyn, talking on Natural Family Planning, and
  • Carrie Allegretti, Founder of Cause of Our Joy Ministry, who helps post-abortive women and speaks on chastity.

For information and to make reservations visit the Cause of Our Joy online or call Carrie at 630-975-0020. A brunch will be served at 11:30 a.m.. Cost is $40 per person.

Hope to see you and one or both of these events.

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