Planned Parenthood Asks For Your Nickels And Dimes

We just received a fundraising letter from Planned Parenthood’s Gloria Feldt. It’s hard even to summarize it in this limited space, but here are some highlights: Feldt starts off complaining that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was jailed in 1916 for handing out birth control information in New York. Both Church and Civil leaders were afraid that birth control, then outlawed, would destroy the social fabric of the country, encourage immoral behavior and be the downfall of our civilization.

Planned Parenthood’s Idea of Progress

Gloria and her ilk want you to think that these leaders were crazy, but have you looked around lately? We’ve got epidemic teen STD’s, 1.5 million abortions annually, rotten movies, filthy songs and scum-TV, prayer out-of-the-schools, even the name of God removed from nearly everything, and our Christian roots denied by judges.

Planned Parenthood thinks that’s progress, so wants more of the same. Feldt says Congress and the President are pawns of religious extremists like Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition and, of all things, Operation Rescue, which they say is violent.

They don’t seem to realize that Operation Rescue hasn’t even existed as such for the past six-and-a-half years, and wasn’t violent when it did exist. Operation Rescue pro-lifers signed a pledge of non-violence. Feldt speaks of bombing, blockading, harassing and stalking doctors as though these things really happen.

But even more insidious than violence, Feldt says, is pro-lifers’ manipulation of Congress, passing restrictive laws, changing zoning regulations to keep abortion mills from opening, and taking over school boards to get religious based sex education curricula in the schools, thus imposing Christian morality on children.

Planned Parenthood Needs Our Help

After pledging to dole out more birth control pills and contraceptives, and supply more sex education, all with your hard earned dollars, Gloria assures us that if Planned Parenthood doesn’t get money from you right now they’ll go out of business. We happened upon their salary scale recently, and noted that poor little Gloria only makes an annual salary of $363,426, with an added expense account of $80,489. How can she get by?

Their Chief-Operating Officer gets over $200,000 and their Chief Financial Officer Makes over $170,000. Here in Chicago, Director of Planned Parenthood, Steve Trombley, makes an annual salary of $192,000. One of their local contract physicians is compensated $423,657 for professional services. Not satisfied with huge grants and government money, Planned Parenthood Federation of America needs your nickels and dimes to keep paying salaries and compensations like that.

After explaining that since 1980, government spending on contraceptive services has plummeted by 65%, Feldt concludes that it is time to “drown out the shrill and misinformed voices of the religious political extremists.” She adds a personal note saying she’s counting on us to do what we can for Planned Parenthood.

Well, we will. We will try our best to put Planned Parenthood out of business through peaceful but effective means. And we will remind all those who support Planed Parenthood that they will have to explain that to God someday. And that day is coming for everyone. And no one will have a high priced defense attorney.

Six Babies Saved in Chicago This Week

Good news: Four babies were saved outside Planned Parenthood’s Washington Street abortion mill on Wednesday. Two were talked out of abortion and two simply came out on their own after pro-lifers prayed that they would choose life. On Thursday two women decided against abortion at Albany mill on Elston.

Mark Bomchill, who worked for a Minnesota abortionist, told us once that many women leave the mill without having an abortion due to our presence there, even though we won’t know how many until Judgment Day. If you’ve never been to an abortion mill, come out and get the experience . Everyone needs to spend some time in front of an abortion mill to understand what we are talking about.

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