Keyes Will Cause Obama To Stumble On Moral Issues

Happy Feast of the Transfiguration when Jesus manifest his divinity to Peter, James and John on Mt. Tabor, in part to prepare them for his Passion when his humanity would be seen so poignantly.

Keyes to Face Obama for Senate

Pro-life activists should all be wearing big smiles today. Ambassador Alan Keyes of Maryland has agreed to run against the Illinois Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate, Barack Obama, the pride of the Democrat Party.

While Obama is well-liked, a good speaker, a lawyer and a Harvard grad, Keyes credentials are nothing to be sniffed at: ambassador to the United Nations, twice candidate for resident of the United States, twice Candidate for Senator — has Jack Roeser saying Keyes will give some spine to the Republican party and that Keyes is the best thing for the party, since he will be running on Republican principles and be a real spokesman for the party.

While I am quoted saying there is some concern that Keyes is from outside Illinois, once the debates start people will forget who’s from where and the issues will become the issues.

We hear that Obama wants to have a Lincoln-Douglas type of campaign and have seven debates around the state. We suspect that once the debates get started Obama will wish he hadn’t been quite so ambitions. He could easily lose to a higher intelligence and a more logical mind than he has been exposed to so far in his legal or political career.

Keyes the Great Orator

Keyes isn’t afraid of any topic, has a memory like a steel trap and his logic is impeccable. We’ve heard Keyes many times and have always been mesmerized by his clear thinking and step-by-step development of his theme.

We’ve also listened to Obama, and while he is good, and sincere, he has to stop before he gets to the end of his argument because he runs into the Democrat illogic. He knows it isn’t right, for example, to kill babies. But the Democrats support abortion. He knows men shouldn’t marry men, but the Democrats are pro-gay.

I once spoke on the same platform with Alan Keyes and was supposed to follow but he was late and I went first. I’m so glad I didn’t have to follow him. Never try to follow Keyes. Obama is good. Keyes is great. Obama has to address the tame issues, but when the get into real values, Obama will stumble. What will he do with the value of life, the propose of marriage? He’ll have to fudge and Keyes will be on solid morel and natural ground.

Keyes knows original intent. Obama knows Democrat intent. Keyes knows the meaning of the Constitution. Obama knows the Democrat translation. It will be fun. Obama will be in new territory, and Keys will be right at home. Are you sure you want seven debates, Barack?

Let the Campaign Begin!

Meanwhile for the next week or so Democrats will be complaining that Keyes isn’t from Illinois and will be giving him Illinois history tests most of us from Illinois couldn’t pass, like “Which of these towns isn’t in Illinois? “What did Paul Powell keep in a shoebox?” “Name the girl’s basketball team from Teutopolis.” “Name the mausoleum in Lincoln Park.”

But once the campaign starts, look out. Incidentally, there will be a rally to welcome Ambassador Keyes to the Chicago this Sunday, August 8, at the Wellington Restaurant, 2121 South Arlington Heights Road in Arlington Heights at 2 p.m.

More on “I Had an Abortion” T-Shirt

Goofy Planned Parenthood’s new t-shirt that says “I had an abortion” is causing inter turmoil. Some higher ups think it’s a dumb idea while some think it’s cute. Some don’t think it will make parents happy for everyone to know the fourteen-year-old they snuck off for an abortion in New York last year is bragging about her abortion around high school. Some grandparents will be surprised to know where their grandchild went in the dumpster.

“I had an abortion” is supposed to make everyone feel good. Yet its just so sad. And it’s one of the dumbest gimmicks Planned Parenthood had ever offered to sell abortion. Are they losing it?

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