Keyes v. Obama

Since this is my hotline, I have a right to say what I want. In fact, since this hotline is a private line I am not even subject to the FCC regulations or any of the regulations that keep getting radio personalities into trouble. I’m not using the public airwaves, but you have to call my personal number to get this message.

Happy Birthday, Annie

What I want to say today is happy birthday to my daughter, Annie, who besides being a wonderful daughter and friend, has greatly help the League as our Generations for Life director, a first-class speaker with a way with kids that absolutely amazes everyone, especially me. I have seen her turn an auditorium of mostly pro-abortion high school students over to her side in one speech. She gets them to recognize their own dignity.

I have seen her totally silence NOW spokeswomen with her flawless logic and charming personality. To say I am proud of Annie, now Annie Casselman since her wedding in May, is the understatement of the age.

Where I go now I am often asked, “Are you Annie Scheidler’s father?” The same could be said for Eric, but his birthday isn’t until September and that’s when he’ll get his tribute.

Kerry Flip-Flops Again

Well, John Kerry has done it once again. The flip-flop professional has flip flopped again. In an interview in a heavily Catholic area of Iowa in July, Kerry told the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, “I oppose abortion personally. I don’t like abortion. I believe life does begin at conception.”

This didn’t go over well with some of the ladies like Katie Michelman and Kim Gandy, so Flip Flop John in an interview with the Associated Press last Friday changed his position. He said the fetus is a “form of life,” used the bible to say there are different layers of development and then said abortion is the law of the land and that he can’t impose his beliefs on others. Kerry had even restated his belief in human life. He even said it on ABC-TV for the whole world to see.

We believe that before the campaign is over John Kerry the flip-flop candidate will be a loser.

A Keyes-Obama Race?

Speaking of moments of glory, more than a hundred Alan Keyes supporters materialized in front of the Union League Club Wednesday, August 4 to welcome Ambassador Alan Keyes to Chicago, with signs saying “Keyes for Senator from Illinois,” “Keys for U. S. Senate,” “Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Keyes,” as he arrived to be considered for the Republican senate seat here. Much media was there and a number of us got a few words of encouragement to Keyes, with the chant “Keyes for Senator” the chosen chant.

There were some Republicans for the other contestant, Andrea Grubb Barthwell, many of whom don’t want to believe she is both pro-abortion and that she opposes President George Bush’s ban on gay marriage, as reported in Wednesday’s Chicago Sun-Times by Scott Forney and Lynn Sweet.

While many are objecting that Keyes is not from Illinois, the fact remains that this is not a requirement in this and other states. Some referred to the fact that Hillary Rodham Clinton was not a resident of New York but was elected Senator of that state. Keyes was later selected for the position if he wants it, but says he will wait until Sunday to announce his decision.

Pray. A Keyes-Obama race, complete with some historic debates, would add a great deal to what could otherwise be a dull political season.

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