Adult Stem Cell Breakthroughs

After two weeks of Face the Truth, I’m taking it easy and getting most of my Hotline from Life Advocate Briefing No. 11. Thanks, Penny!

New Therapies from Adult Stem Cells

The embryonic stem cell effort is running into a brick walls as evidence mounts that all real stem cell advances are coming from the use of adult stem cells. Here are some success stories from use of adult stem cells: Susan Fajit with a severe spinal cord injury had stem cells taken from her nose and has greatly improved. Parkinson’s sufferer Denis Turner’s symptoms disappeared after treatment with adult stem cells.

Meanwhile, there are no reported success stories from the use of unethical embryo stem cells, only disasters. One man ended up with teeth and hair in is brain and died from an embryonic stem cells implant.

But the battle continues and plans are underway for huge embryonic stem cell banks that will run into multi-millions of dollars. Meanwhile scientists are discovering that umbilical cord blood is useful in repairing damaged tissue and the live child in the womb could become the ultimate health insurance for the whole family.

Planned Parenthood News

Among its many dirty tricks, Planned Parenthood’s using federal Temporary Assistance to Needy Family funds to the tune of 16.5 billion dollars a year, to fatten its own coffers. A few years ago Planned Parenthood used these funds to pay teenagers to recruit new members into its diabolical operation. We should all join STOPP to stop the House, Senate and President Bush from allowing any taxpayer money to help Planned Parenthood.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood’s Republican quisling, Rep. Jim Greenwood of Pennsylvania, is quitting his house seat — a blow to the abortion crowd who benefited from his leadership! Unfortunately, he’s taking a job with a biotech company where he’ll still be able to keep killing children.

Abortion Boat Still Afloat

The goofy abortion boat , Women on Waves, is currently docked off the coast of the Netherlands, but must stay within twenty-five kilometers of a hospital on shore in Amsterdam for emergency treatment such as acute bleeding, so in effect it’s anchored there more or less permanently.

It had formerly been to Ireland and Poland, and apparently women may still come aboard for early abortions or to get their abortion pills

Bush Ads Assail Kerry’s Pro-Abort Record

A Bush for President ad now airing has a woman asking:

When it comes to issues that affect our families, are John Kerry’s priorities the same as yours? Kerry voted against parental notification for teenage abortions. Kerry even voted to allow schools to hand out the ‘morning after pill’ without parents’ knowledge. He voted to take control away from parents by taking away their right to know. John Kerry has his priorities. The question is, are they yours?

The ads are airing in certain key states and on African American stations in seven cities with high black populations. Another ad berates Kerry for missing many Senate votes but points out that he found time to vote against the Laci Peterson law that would make it a separate crime to kill a baby while attacking a pregnant mother. The ad asks if those are your values, too? Watch for them.

Also of note: the Bush administration is withholding $34 million to the U. N. population fund for Chinese forced abortions.

Troubling Column in OSV

It was embarrassing to read a Perspective column, “Abortion and Communion” by Msgr. Owen F. Campion in a recent Our Sunday Visitor. Msgr. Campion tried to justify giving Holy Communion to known pro-abortion Catholic politicians. Here are a few parts that need clarification:

  • “Italian politicians known for their pro-abortion views regularly receive Communion from the Holy Father himself. No fuss is made.”
  • “[T]he Pope and his representatives do not choose to deny Communion as a proper means to combat abortion, yet in this country, but not elsewhere, some people conclude that any bishop or priest who does not urge denying Communion to pro-abortion political leaders, is irresponsible or worse.”
  • “[T]he Church applies the Gospel to changing realities.”
  • “The Church did not always emphasize abortion as a serious moral issue.”
  • “The Church can never turn anyone away [from Communion ].”

Campion concludes, “With friends like those who assail bishops, the pro-life cause needs no enemies.” For a copy of the editorial, call 773-777-2900.

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