Truth Tour V Comes To A Close

[Pro-life and pro-abort on corner]

Pro-lifers expose “choice” amid counter-protest at Green Bay Rd. and Central St. in Evanston July 17 [Photo by EJS]

The fifth summer Face the Truth Tour is now history, and all agree that it was a sweeping success: We covered twenty-four different sights over the two week period from July 7 through July 17. More than four-hundred people took part. Some of them were present at every sight.

Truth Tour V a Spectacular Success

Though the largest turn out was probably in Naperville with 80 volunteers, no sight had fewer than forty people. What was spectacular about this tour was the number of passers-by who spontaneously took signs and joined us. At least fifteen people simply joined our tour and held signs.

One women who said the pictures were very disturbing to her, told us that while she did not like the pictures, this was surely the most effective method of getting our message across, and though she didn’t like it, it was the best way to make our point. “You’re doing it the right way,” she told Ann Scheidler.

[FTT in Elmurst]

Elmhurst Tour site July 10 [Photo by EJS]

We received the usual complaints and threats and dirty names and obscene gestures, but we also had many people thank us, give a thumbs up, and some even gave us money to keep the Truth Tours going. We also convinced several people to conduct Truth Tours in their own locales, and had visitors come in from Iowa, Michigan and even Maryland.

We had some clergy join us and some clergy complain, and we had one driver threaten to shoot Eric as he tried to hand him a leaflet; and though the police pulled the driver over, they did not search his car for a weapon.

No Problems with Police, Pro-Aborts

But most police were cooperative and left us alone. We were not told to move our signs except from the sidewalk to grass, or from grass to sidewalk, and sometimes not to hand out literature in the street. Police arrested at least one pro-abort who threw an apple at one of our sign holders, and an officer threatened another woman with arrest if she didn’t stop sticking her finger in my wife’s face.

[Group Prayer]

Joe Scheidler (center, in white hat) offers final prayer of the Tour at Touhy Ave. and McCormick Blvd. in Lincolnwood July 17 [Photo by EJS]

But there were no real problems, and even the poorly made signs of the few abortionists who gathered to counter-demonstrate, were probably a help to us by making our group look even more professional. We gave out 425 Face the Truth T-shirts out of the 450 we had ordered.

We thank all of those brave hearts who participated in the tour, including those who provided picnics, lunches, vehicles and prayers—as well as funds.

“Catholic” John Kerry, 100% Pro-Abortion

So what’s so wrong with John Kerry, that pious Roman Catholic who will get the vote of millions of Church going Catholics?

Well, John says that abortion is a fundamental right and as President he will only appoint Supreme Court Justices who will uphold a woman’s right to choose. He has promised his first executive order will be to reverse the Mexico City Policy and allow U.S. money to fund abortion in foreign countries. He supports embryonic stem cell research which kills human embryos.

He has a l00% rating from Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America. He co-sponsored the Freedom of Choice act to prohibiting states from restricting any abortion. He supports cloning of human embryos, has consistently voted against the Hyde Amendment, supports taking minors across state lines for abortions without their parents’ knowledge, voted against the Partial-birth Abortion Ban six times and voted against the Unborn Victims of Violence Act that would simply make it a crime to kill a baby while harming the mother.

Despite his being 100% pro-abortion, John Kerry will get millions of Catholic votes, including clergy, the majority of whom are registered Democrats. Even though a few Catholic Bishops refuse Holy Communion to pro-abortion Catholic politicians like Kerry, by far the majority will not take a firm stand on this issue, even though their waffling gives scandal.

We have quit trying to figure it out . We can only pray that in time the Bishops will begin to follow the laws of the Church they are shepherding We can understand how Jesus felt when he saw the crowds wandering about like sheep without a shepherd. Does nothing ever change?

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