Truth Tour Continues To Be A Success

[FTT on Lake Shore Drive]

Truth Tour lines Lake Shore Drive at Buckingham Fountain July 9 [Photo by EJS]

The 2004 Face the Truth Tour has been highly successful so far, with more positive response than we have seen formerly, and only a few items thrown at us, one an egg that didn’t hit anybody or even a sign, and one hard green apple that hit a sign. The man who threw it was stopped by the police and taken into custody.

We were also able to get the name of a pro-abort who has badgered us on a regular basis. During one badgering session against one of our coordinators a policeman standing near by stopped him, and we finally learned his name. It’s handy to know all you can about your opposition.

Great Truth Tour So Far

There are many stories, some funny, some sad, some just interesting, but one that stands out is the comment of a little boy who saw the Baby Malachi picture and asked his mother, “Oh, who did that to a new born baby?”

[FTT on Lake Shore Drive]

Face the Truth in Naperville July 10 [Photo by EJS]

Once again our largest turnout so far was in Naperville — more than eighty! Between the Naperville stop and Elmhurst we had a delicious lunch at Jerry and Barbara Urbik’s palatial home.

Week two begins in Rockford Tuesday and we end up Saturday in Evanston and Lincolnwood. One correction: Saturday from 11:30 to 1:00 we will be at Davis and Ridge in Evanston, not Skokie as our printed itinerary mistakenly says. Note the Change, Davis and Ridge in Evanston.

Response to Sun-Times Editorial

We recently answered a Chicago Sun-Times editorial that attempted to reconcile a newsman’s question about the 3-D ultrasound pictures of a twelve-week old fetus shown on the internet and also pictured in the Sun-Times. Our answer appeared in Sunday’s edition and here’s what it said under “Eye of the beholder:”

You ask in your July 6 editorial “What’s this going to do to the abortion debate?” We can assure you these awesome photos of life in the womb will have a profound effect on the abortion debate.

Most women already have a subconscious understanding that the being in the womb is a baby. When they see these beautiful pictures of the 12-week-old unborn baby yawning and moving his limbs in a graceful motion, they will have no doubt at all that this is not a “blob of tissue” as is so often touted in abortion clinics, including Planned Parenthood.

It becomes increasingly awkward for the proponents of abortion to justify the killing of babies in the womb. As technology catches up with common sense, there is no way to ignore the truth about abortion.

And as to the Sun-Times mantra that the way to stamp out abortion is to promote sex education and birth control, take a good, long look at how well that has worked for the last 40 years. Contraception sets the stage for abortion. The only effective way to reduce the abortion rate is to honor the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill,” and to restore sexual activity to its rightful place, within committed marriage.

Joseph M. Scheidler,

National Director,

Pro-Life Action League.

Is America Waking Up to Abortion?

Something we find as we travel around with out Face the Truth Tour these days is a more pensive, less strident response to our pictures. Maybe the ten-page picture story last June in Newsweek, “The War Over Fetal Rights,” woke up some people. Perhaps the Time Magazine special report “Inside the Womb” touched some.

Maybe even our large photographs of an eight-week old baby inside the womb, and photos of aborted babies, are being taken more seriously this year than they were last year, because of secular media coverage. Anyway, something is happening. Come out and join us and see for yourself.

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