Ultrasound Images of Baby Are “Baby-like”?

The hopeless Sun-Times! In an article last Wednesday they published three pictures of a twelve-week old unborn baby, showing him yawning, and moving his legs that even they called “walking.” These were simply ultrasound pictures of a baby in the womb, and they admitted the images were the clearest ultrasound pictures ever taken of a first trimester fetus, done by a British obstetrician.

Sun-Times Embarrassed by the Truth

But, just in case they gave too much truth away, their lead editorial on Tuesday tries to unravel this truth. Someone in the office had asked: “What’s this going to do to the abortion debate?” What it might do is make people realize abortion is killing a live human being.

But the Sun-Times had to try to neutralize this possibility in Tuesday’s editorial, calling the images “baby-like,” assuring its readers that abortion is a complicated issue, and that the 1973 Roe decision only gave women the “possibility of choice.” The editors trot out all the restrictive laws passed and introduced to try to curb abortion, but assure us that without legal abortion women will go to back alleys.

Then the Sun-Times, great bastion of moral truth that it is, tells us the best way to prevent abortion is sex education and birth control. “These,” the Sun-Times says, “are the only answers.” Well, actually, they aren’t. The only answer is God’s commandment, “Thou shall not murder.”

The Chicago Sun-Times‘ office worker asked a very good question. “What’s this going to do to the abortion debate?” It’s going to help pro-life win it, because people can put the picture and abortion together and come up with the right answer: Abortion is murder. Even the Sun-Times editorial Tuesday did us the favor of showing the pictures again, in its rebuttal.

Fifth Annual Truth Tour Starts Tomorrow

Speaking of pictures, there’s much activity at the League as we prepare for our Fifth Annual Summer Face the Truth Tour. League tours began July 10, 2000, at Dearborn and Washington in downtown Chicago, dipped into Gary, IN , took in Northlake, Arlington Heights, Barrington and Woodstock and up to Beloit, WI We ended July 20 in Glenview, Skokie and Lincolnwood, with a party at the Scheidler’s with fifty guests.

In the 2001 tour, July 8 through 18, we were in Wilmette, Evanston, Burbank, Oak Lawn and Blue Island, as well as Romeoville, Orland Park, Mokena, Elmhurst, Lombard and Lake Zurich. The party in 200l was at Jim Finnegan’s, with a showing of our new film, “Face the Truth,” with many of the “stars” present.

For our third annual summer Tour we beat the heat by holding it in June, from the 19th through the 29th. This one visited Brookfield, Bellwood, Norridge, Frankfort, Manteno and Bourbonnais. One of our liveliest days was June 21 when we visited Braidwood and Wilmington, which will not soon be forgotten. Then back to Indiana where we set up in Hammond. Then Calumet City and South Holland. We stayed in the southern suburbs, and then traveled to Bloomingdale, Elgin, Huntley, Wheeling, Buffalo Grove and Wauconda. On June 28 we headed west to Rochelle, Ashton and Dixon and ended Saturday with a party at the O’Rourke’s in Naperville.

Last Year’s Tour concentrated closer to Chicago, beginning on the Kennedy overpasses, train stations, the Art Institute and Lake Shore Drive. Once again we visited the far South Side reaching Hammond again and ending up in La Grange, Berwyn, River Forest, Northbrook, Morton Grove and Niles. At the victory party at the Scheidler’s, many called this the best truth tour ever.

We now launch the 2004 Face the Truth Tour Wednesday, July 7 encouraged by a grant from a loyal supporter who believes in what we are doing and wants his money spent exclusively on spreading the Truth Tour concept across the country. Our Truth Tour Team has worked like Trojans to organize this into the best tour ever. Come and see. If you want to see the power of the graphic picture join our truth tour. Be part of the victory over abortion.

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