Michael Reagan Opposes Destroying Embryos–Like His Dad Would Have

Michael Reagan, the adopted son of President Ronald Reagan, in a syndicated column Tuesday, wrote that he’s with his Dad on embryonic stem cell research, and that he is getting tired of the media reporting that the Reagan “family” favors such research. He uses a quote of Ronald Reagan in support of all human life, and also quotes several of Reagan’s closest advisors who also support his firm belief that his father would have strongly opposed the use of embryonic stem cells in medical research.

Reagan’s Son Opposes Stem Cell Fairy Tale

Michael calls “false” the claims that are being made by those who support such research whom he says support “junk science at its worst.” They have embarked on a campaign of disinformation. He quotes Ronald McKay, a stem cell researcher at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke who says, “People need a fairy tale” and quotes several experts admitting that embryonic stem cells would not be effective in treating Alzheimer’s in any event, since Alzheimer’s is a “whole brain disease,” rather than a cellular disorder.

But “junk science” keeps the hope alive and they hope to bring in a lot of federal money. Meanwhile, it is adult stem cells that are proving effective, he says, and are by far the most promising, but this information is being carefully kept from the public. Thanks, Mike, we needed that column.

Chapman on Fetal Pain

Stephen Chapman has a column in Thursday’s Chicago Tribune, “Fetal pain and our disconnect.” He points out that when surgery is performed on a fetus in the womb both mother and child get anesthesia, because the unborn child feels pain. Yet in Congress the pro-aborts are fighting the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act, simply because it recognizes the truth: that unborn children feel pain, and the bill would require that the woman be advised of this fact before having an abortion.

The abortionists are terrified that this law would bring the unborn child into the equation. Gloria Feldt of Planned Parenthood says it would elevate the status of the fetus above that of the woman, while the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice says the bill ” second guesses the intelligence and moral integrity of women.”

A Zogby poll shows, however, that 75% of men and 78% of women think that a woman who is 20 weeks or more along in her pregnancy should be given information about fetal pain before having an abortion. “But,” Chapman concludes, “abortion rights activists think the best approach to fetal pain is to ignore it. That doesn’t hurt them a bit.”

Chapman’s conclusion, that the baby’s pain is of little or no concern to the abortionists is true because abortion is such an important symbol of their total freedom from any moral constraints that someone else’s pain is insignificant: the babies, the mothers, society’s, even ultimately their own. It will be difficult for them on the day they come to realize the full truth of what they are doing.

Way To Go, Sunny

Our hat is off to Sunny Turner and her Face the Truth Arizona for lining up along the route to a Sidewinders game in Tucson because the proceeds of the game were going to Planned Parenthood. Sunny says the County Board of Supervisors made the decision, not the Sidewinders. But a lot of people got educated as a result of the fifty signs they exhibited along the route to the game. Lots of media coverage, too. Way to go Sunny.

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