Maryland Truth Tour Off To A Great Start

Ann and I joined Jack Ames and his crew of nearly one hundred on the streets of Washington DC on Tuesday to take part in the Maryland Face the Truth tour.

Maryland Face the Truth Tour

We joined the groups at the Naval Observatory at noon, had lunch and talks by the Former Ambassador to Ireland, Margaret Heckler and me at Our Lady, Queen of the Americas Church, then ended the tour at the Holocaust Museum on 14th St.

Thousands of brochures were distributed to busloads of high school students visiting the museum. There was also a Christian young peoples convention in town and many came to our location and were supportive of our use of the graphic pictures.

The Maryland tour continues through this week, and Jack has dedicated it to the memory of Ronald Reagan. While we were able to spend only one day with this well-organized and active group this year, it was an honor to be with such dedicated pro-lifers, and it is encouraging to see that the Face the Truth tours are spreading across the country.

The Chicago Face the Truth Tour will be July 7 through 17.

ES Cell Campaign Insult to Reagan

A cartoon by Jack Higgins in Wednesday’s Chicago Sun-Times pictures a man holding a sign reading “Stem Cell Research Now” and pointing to a pregnant mother while shouting to her, “You people kill me! It’s not like anybody’s going to get hurt.” Coming from the pregnant woman’s extended abdomen are the words of the unborn baby, “Excuse me . . .”

The voice of the unborn victim of stem cell research obviously disagrees with the protester. Meanwhile, atrocious as it is that Nancy Reagan is being used to try to promote experiments on human embryonic stem cells, an Illinois state legislator is trying to get the stem cell bill in this state named after Ronald Reagan. Ralph Rivera was interviewed by Channel Two News pointing out what an insult this would be to Reagan, like naming an abortion Clinic after Henry Hyde.

Southern Baptists Reject Liberal Alliance

The Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Indianapolis this week removed itself from the Baptist World Alliance for being too liberal. The SBC is the world’s largest Baptist denomination and America’s largest Protestant sect with more than 16 million members. Even though The Southern Baptists helped launch the Alliance early in the last century, it could not stomach the new theology that allows gay marriage and a general liberal drift within the Alliance.

President George W. Bush addressed the group, receiving the largest ovation when he said he supports a constitutional amendment to protect marriage as the union of a man and a woman. The Federation thus abandoned consists of 46 million Baptists in 211 denominations.

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