Reagan’s Death Exploited For Stem Cell Research

We will be joining Jack Ames’ Maryland and Virginia Face the Truth Tour on Tuesday at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, so say a prayer that we make the clear connection between the Nazi Holocaust and our own American Holocaust: Abortion.

Effective Holocaust Museum Site

We joined him last year on the same location and it was very effective. A number of young people waiting for the tour of the museum took our literature and were shocked to discover that we were not part of the holocaust exhibit but were simply showing what our own government allows us to do to a class of human beings. It was very educational and well received.

Exploiting Reagan’s Death for ES Cell Research

A cartoon in the New Jersey Record, following President Ronald Reagan’s death, pictures Nancy Reagan holding a picket sign that reads, “Support Stem Cell Research,” and Ronnie out of the clouds saying, “Nancy go out there and win one for the Gipper.” This is a very unlikely scenario, especially given Nancy Reagan’s support for live human embryonic stem (ES) cell research, and Ronald Reagan’s strong pro-life position against any form of use of live human beings as waste material.

An excellent article on this very point appears in Monday’s Chicago Tribune by Dennis Byrne, “Falsely igniting the hopes of the desperately ill.” Byrne says:

The massive media and Holly wood campaign using President Ronald Reagan’s death to hype the medical use of human embryonic stem cells has been reckless, simplistic and inaccurate, if not dishonest.

For a week the public has been blitzed with irresponsible assurances that the undifferentiated cells of embryos created for fertilization or research will hopefully, if not likely or certainly, lead to cures for such diseases as Alzheimer’s — which took Reagan’s life — Parkinson’s, ALS, diabetes, or spinal-cord injuries.

These assertions, often made without qualification or attribution by objective journalists, have been used to pummel President Bush for refusing on ethical principles to use taxpayers’ money to fund some embryonic stem-cell research. The more ignorant reporters seem unaware about other stem cells obtained from adult bone marrow and ignore how promising research is under way on adult stem cells, possibly avoiding the Orwellian specter of the wholesale creation and slaughter of nascent or actual human life for someone else’s needs.

Shamelessly they have used the support of Reagan’s widow, Nancy, for embryonic stem cells. . .

No Evidence Supports ES Cell “Therapies”

Byrne goes on to show that there is no scientific evidence that embryonic stem cells will even work, and that they could turn into tumors. Use of animal embryonic stem cells has been a disaster. The body could reject the cells, deformities could abound. The only success stories come fro use of adult cells.

The medical and scientific experts are in total confusion as to whether stem cell treatments are even medically feasible. “No confusion, however, among many journalists and Hollywood figures,” Byrne complains, “who already knowing more than scientists, proclaim with certainty the benefits of ES Cells. Not to mention their moral certainty that creating life to destroy it is just peachy. Worse,” Byrne concludes, is that they care nothing “that they may well have prematurely or falsely and tragically ignited the hopes of desperately ill people and their loved ones.”

Winning one for the Gipper would be to outlaw all abortion at every stage of human life, from fertilization to natural death.

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