The Violence Of The Pro-Aborts

Congratulations to Joan Cahill of Indianapolis for a letter defending pro-life in the Indianapolis Star May 4. Commenting on a letter that praised “the peaceful pro-abortion rally” in Washington D. C., contrasting it with “violent pro-life acts,” Joan writes:

Every day pro-lifers peacefully pray and counsel in front of clinics in all kinds of weather, telling women the truth about abortion that they won’t hear inside the clinic, saving children’s lives and women’s souls. Every year thousands of pro-lifers march peacefully and prayerfully in Washington, D.C., many of them are young adults. Much good is done by the pro-lifers, but you don’t hear about that. What you will never see on the front page is the truth about the daily violence that occurs behind the closed doors of the clinics, where babies are mutilated in the name of “choice.” The baby had no choice in this matter.

Thanks Joanie.

Pro-Abortion Violence

From reports we have received the “peaceful pro-abortion march” was anything but peaceful. A May 9 National Catholic Register story quotes eyewitness accounts of eggs thrown at pro-lifers, pro-life signs being destroyed by the pro-aborts cursing, pushing, and spitting at pro-lifers. They hit pro-lifers with sticks and flag poles. Back in Chicago they doused my son and me with black paint.

They are in a rage. But the upside is that some conversions take place when the two sides clash. Janet Morana, of “Silent No More” said one woman threw away her abortion sign and joined the pro-life group, confessing she once miscarried and couldn’t stay in the abortion march.

Three Ingredients for a Good Priest

We spoke to priests and seminarians at St. Mary of the Lake Archdiocesan Seminary in Mundelein, IL Tuesday evening and told them the importance of continually speaking on the abortion issue from their pulpits. Fighting abortion, we said, is required of leaders of the Church Militant. People need to hear the truth of abortion from their priests. One young priest said after my talk, “I agree with everything you said.”

We always look for three things in a priest: he is Eucharistic, having great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament; he is Marian, having a deep devotion to the Blessed Mother, and he is pro-life, with true concern for the unborn and the pregnant woman. Where you find these three you find a good priest.

Pro-Abort Pol Leaves Church

New Jersey State Sen. Bernard Kenny, a pro-abortion Democrat, is quitting the Catholic Church because he can’t give up his support for abortion. Newark Archbishop John Myers published a letter telling pro-abortion Catholics not to receive Communion. At least Kenny is honest, though he’s paying a big price for his abortion support.

Double Standard on Graphic Pictures

Clarence Page wants soldiers to be issued digital cameras so they can take pictures of atrocities and keep the American people informed of the truth. He doesn’t want to deny us the whole truth of our brutality and the horrors of war in Iraq.

We’ll make a deal with Page: You show Iraqi horror pictures if we can show Americans the horror of abortion. Page might even want to let us run our pictures in his newspaper, pictures of what we do to our own children 4,500 times every day. There’s some horrible stuff going on near his own office.

When will you print those atrocities? We’re not holding our breath.

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