Activists Are Gearing Up Nationwide

Ann and I spent two days in Seattle and Lynnwood Washington Tuesday and Wednesday. I addressed Pro-Life Washington’s third Annual Banquet in Lynwood to three hundred people and on Thursday fifty of us prayed with the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants at the notorious Aradia Abortion Mill in Seattle. Ann joined sidewalk counselors to talk with women going in for abortions.

Helping Save Lives in Seattle

At Aradia a woman coming to kill her baby has to give her name into a speaker and wait to be checked in. During this time our counselors try to talk about her abortion. Seattle has thirty abortion mills, almost as many as Chicago. They also have a lively pro-life presence.

We were honored to address their banquet to help raise money for pro-life billboards. They are known as the Billboard People of the Northwest, related to Mary Anne Kuharsky of the original Billboard People of Minnesota. Following the vigil Ann gave a talk at the on sidewalk counseling and showed No Greater Joy.

In Washington state on Wednesday they began their extensive Face the Truth Tour with stops even into Idaho. With truth tours now in the Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, the Deep South and the East Coast, the message of the ugly evil of abortion is spreading nationwide.

We recently talked to a St. Louis group planning a Truth Tour there, as we continue our tours throughout Illinois and Indiana. Be sure to read our comprehensive article on Face the Truth Tours in our next issue of Action News due out later this month.

Pro-Abort’s Extremism Only Helps Our Cause

The bucket of black paint thrown on son Eric and me last month by mindless pro-aborts is now a national news story, and has engendered a lot of sympathy for the pro-life effort. It has even brought onus on the pro-aborts from their own supporters. The crazy antics of those who lack values and have no regard for our right to express our views without being violently attacked doesn’t sit right with a lot of people. Fanatics who don’t know the meaning of “free speech,” and only tolerate their own twisted views don’t engender much sympathy.

But those of us who get paint thrown on us do. When the mere showing of a photograph of what these people support — the murder of defenseless babies — drives them into a frenzy and their only recourse is to throw black paint on you and shout obscenities, they really hurt themselves. Their rage is self-destructive, and we have seen it time and time again that they reap the harvest of their own hatred.

All over America the message is getting out as Face the Truth Tours are stepping up from sea to shining sea. Watch for more truth tours in front of politicians offices, abortionists homes, and, sorry to say, even in front of some churches and Catholic Schools.

Pro-Lifer Fighting Back

The natives are restless and many Americans are getting fed up with the status quo. Abortion on demand, gay rights, dirty television, liberal editors, nut cases on college campuses, weak bishops, pro-abortion pseudo-Catholic politicians getting away with sacrilege. We hear it from all over the country:

  • Rev. Ed Martin is taking his pro-life activism on the road,
  • Ron Galloy is starting to use graphic photos in front of CBS and NBC,
  • Jack Ames is getting mad,
  • Monica Miller is protesting ex-Catholic Governor Granholm in front of the Cathedral,
  • Terry Hughes is demanding reinstatement of the South Dakota pro-life bill, and
  • Over the counter morning after pills are not being legalized.

We’ll be joining many activist groups out on the highways of America this summer, so stay tuned. Enough is enough. Americans have killed 47 million of their babies and then sing “God Bless America.” Want to bet?

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