Media Bias At Pro-Abort March

Did you happen to see the glowing pictures and stories about the Baby-Killers march in Washington Sunday? Every winter in the freezing cold of January, two-or-three hundred thousand pro-lifers — three-fourths of whom are young people — march in the Nation’s Capital, and we’re lucky to get a two-line story in six point type on page fifty.

Reading Between the Lines of Media Bias

But when those who support the dismemberment of tiny children call together every dissident, anarchistic, nut-group in the country on a bright April day to celebrate death, the secular press goes gaga. But reading between the lines is what gives us encouragement, to wit:

They see an erosion of reproductive freedoms under President Bush . . . spreading far beyond U. S. shores through measures such as the ban on federal money for family planning groups that promote or perform abortions abroad. . . . Abortion rights are being weakened through federal and state restrictions and will be at risk of reversal if Bush wins a second term. Bush seems to be in league with the Vatican.

Hillary Clinton even admits that the current administration is filled with people who consider Roe v. Wade the worst abomination of constitutional law in our history.” She is right on target there.

A Chicago Sun Times story quotes only one pro-lifer, Tabitha Warnica of Phoenix, AZ, who had two abortions and says that only God is the one who can decide about the life of a child. Some day all these pro-aborts will have to come to that same conclusion. Their “choice” to kill God’s children is their undoing.

Motley Pro-Aborts Face the Truth

But it took 1,400 various organizations with a myriad of different causes to make up their numbers, whatever they were. We’ve heard everything from three-hundred thousand to eight-hundred thousand. But who cares? They’ve all gone home now , and abortion is still murder.

Eyewitnesses tell us some of the young people in the march were shocked and looked stricken when they saw the photographs of aborted babies held along the march by stalwart pro-lifers. And even though hardened pro-aborts mocked the photographs of aborted babies and shouted things like “Kill more!” and “Those pictures are doctored up!” it was evident to our reporters that the graphic abortion photographs unnerved the pro-abortion marchers more than anything else, and are still among the most powerful tools the pro-life movement has.

Also, a number of post-abortive women belonging to Silent No More held “I regret my abortion” signs along the line of march.

Pro-Abort Celebs Join March for Death

Some of the pro-abort speakers besides Clinton were Susan Sarandon, Madeleine Albright and Whoopi Goldberg who held up a wire coat-hanger. Also present as always was Frances Kissling of Catholics for a Free Choice, who lied that the vast majority of Catholic Women support abortion. Considering that the majority of all U.S. women no longer support abortion, it would be strange if the majority of Catholic Women did. However, the kind of Catholics Kissling knows probably are pro-aborts.

We were glad to read that actor Martin Sheen had his name removed as a supporter of the abortion march. It must have been put on by mistake, because Sheen is pro-life and was recently referred to by Feminists for Life as a remarkable pro-life man along with Ben Stein, Chris Smith and George Will. Sheen was one of our amici in the NOW V. Scheidler case.

Pro-Aborts Right To Worry

A New York Times story Monday says the pro-life movement is still determined to outlaw all abortion, but has adopted an incremental approach whittling away at Roe by passing restrictive laws, and that this is working, and has the pro-aborts scared. Best of all, though, we have God on our side and you know who they have. Enough said.

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