The Right Of Conscience: The Nazis Didn’t Have One Either

The U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is hosting a new exhibit on the Nazi’s pursuit of the master race. The exhibit reveals how the Nazis worked to eliminate anyone they considered to be defective and rewarded women who gave birth to large numbers of blond, blue-eyed Aryan children.

Eugenics Alive and Well

According to an AP story by Carl Hartman in Thursday’s Chicago Sun-Times, the Nazi version of genetics was out of date long before they took power. But the reality is that the Nazi version of genetics has never gone out of style. It has simply undergone a change in rhetoric.

Planned Parenthood learned to simply substitute more politically correct terms to make their population control policies more palatable. And it has worked like a charm. Nearly everyone is now convinced that birth control is the answer to every political and economic problem. And genetic manipulation, selective “reduction” and abortion-on-demand will take care of Downs Syndrome, cystic fibrosis and any number of other pre-natal and neo-natal problems.

Hartman points out that during World War II more than 5,000 children with birth defects were killed in special German hospital wards. How many children with birth defects have been singled out for extermination in American hospitals? Most are dealt with before birth, but many are “allowed” to die by a policy of compassionate neglect. If we think the attack on the less-than-perfect and the unwanted ended with the fall of Hitler, we are kidding ourselves.

Grim Future for American Medicine?

The health care industry may be in danger of losing conscientious doctors and nurses. The rights of health care workers to refuse to participate in procedures that go against their religious or moral beliefs has long been upheld — sometimes by state law, sometimes by hospital policies. But in Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle vetoed legislation Wednesday that would have protected health care professionals who do not want to be involved in in vitro fertilization or experiments that destroy a human embryo or the use of organs from aborted babies.

Doctors and nurses, especially in rural areas, may be forced to provide procedures that go against their consciences or leave the medical profession. The frightening thing about this move is that we may be left with a medical profession made up of no one but amoral doctors and nurses.

Media Support for March for Death

That scenario would fit the bill just perfectly for NARAL and NOW and Planned Parenthood, who are organizing a March for Abortion in Washington this coming Sunday. They happen to be blessed with many friends in the media world who are happy to give them plenty of advance publicity.

Consider this headline in the Chicago Sun-Times on Wednesday, April 21 — “Pro-choice groups aim for huge march.” The article claims that 500,000 pro-aborts marched in Washington in 1992, an exaggeration beyond belief.

We attended that march and witnessed those from the front of the line scooting around to the back to march by a second or third time. We attended the march a couple of years ago, when their numbers were around a paltry 5,000. It doesn’t matter how many actually show up, since they have already put out the numbers they want people to think joined the march.

Syndicated columnist Molly Ivins, always a reflexive supporter of abortion, is trying to rally troops for the pro-abort march claiming “anti-choice terrorists continue to murder and bomb, intimidate and harass.” Ivins thinks abortion and birth control will solve every problem any women will ever face.

Pray for these misguided advocates of abortion as they pathetically gather in Washington on Sunday. They’re on the losing side and they know it.

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