Pro-Aborts Growing Desperate Because They Are Losing

California’s state Supreme Court has strengthened its fetal murder law, declaring that the killing a pregnant woman will count as two murders even if the murderer is unaware that his primary victim was pregnant.

California Strengthens Fetal Homicide Law

The law was already applied in the Lacy Peterson case where the alleged killer knew his wife was pregnant, but is now being applied in a case where the murderer, Harold Taylor, killed his girl friend not knowing she was ten weeks pregnant. Taylor was sentenced in 1999 to 40 years, and a lower court argued that to be charged with the murder of the child he would have to have had willful intent to take the life of another.

Now the fetal murder conviction has been reinstated and is likely to add 25 years to his sentence. California’s law applied to an unborn child at eight weeks. The new Federal Unborn Victims of Violence law applies to an unborn child at any state of development, from conception.

Pro-Aborts Show Growing Desperation

It’s obvious from last Wednesday’s pro-abortion attacks against peaceful pro-lifers, mostly women and children, at the University of Illinois Chicago campus, that the pro-aborts are losing it. They couldn’t say enough bad about George Bush and the Republican Party and are outraged at his signing the Partial Birth Abortion Ban and the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.

They know there are more restrictions to come and that they are losing the battle to keep abortion legal. It is showing up in their mindless rage, foul language, striking our peaceful sign-holders, throwing paint and acting like the Taliban.

The fact that they couldn’t stop screaming about conservative issues says much about their basic fears. They know the polls show the inevitable move to the right. Our truth tours, sidewalk counseling, massive leafleting, effective conservative radio shows and websites are spreading nationwide.

And as I asked one bewildered pro-abort Wednesday, “Where are your pictures?” They are pitiful in their rage, mouthing the same, tired slogans. It always seems a bit weird to hear men shouting “Our bodies, our lives our right to survive.”

When your opponents have to resort to throwing paint, hitting women and making little children cry to make their argument, they’ve hit rock bottom.

Gibson’s Detractors Eat Crow

As Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” continues to smash all box office records and made an additional 17 million dollars over the Easter Weekend, it is interesting to look back to predictions made just less than a year ago, such as the New York Post’s “Gibson’s pet project ‘The Passion’ doomed to box-office oblivion,” and the New York Times’ predicting that it would be “a flop in America.” A 350 million dollar flop, so far.

Kerry Defies Bishop O’Malley

Despite a statement by Archbishop Sean P. O’Malley of Boston that Senator John Kerry “shouldn’t dare come to communion,” Kerry and his wife received Holy Communion Easter Sunday at the Paulist Center in Boston. A New York Times story says Kerry’s decision to receive communion amounts to a challenge to several prominent Catholic bishops who have become increasingly exasperated with politicians who are Catholic but who deviate from Catholic teaching. Kerry supports abortion and stem-cell research. The story alludes to Archbishop Raymond Burke who warned Kerry before the Missouri Primary that he would not give Kerry communion because of his pro-abortion stand.

There were no protesters at the Easter Sunday service and Kerry thanked the priest after Mass. We talked with a pro-life Catholic leader Monday who said they had not had time to organize a protest since they did not get the news until shortly before the Mass.

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