Fiat Award Presented To Indiana Pro-Lifers

Bishop Dale Melczek of Gary assisted by Fr. Ted Menz and priests of the Gary Diocese celebrated Mass for the Feast of the Annunciation Thursday night at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Griffith, IN. The Fiat Award went to eighteen men and women who made extra efforts to do God’s work helping with life issues.

Fiat Awards Talk in Indiana

Following Mass, Ann and I spoke at the dinner in Hildebrandt Hall to three hundred attendees. Fiat — Let it be done — echoes Mary’s willingness to become the mother of Christ at the Angel Gabriel’s announcement that God had chosen her. Fr. Mens is an long-time activist threatened with arrest at St. Joseph’s College in June, 1977, when we protested a commencement talk by pro-abortion Sen. Birch Bayh of Indiana. Fr. Ted recounted the incident at Thursday’s talk.

Unborn Victims Act Shows Pro-Aborts’ True Colors

With the U. S. Senate’s 61-38 vote to pass the Unborn Victims of Violence Act and President George Bush’s pledge to sign it, the baby killers are showing their true colors again as they vehemently protest that this bill gives a semblance of value to the unborn, a fact they can’t stand. While Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R, TN) calls the bill a powerful admission of the humanity of the unborn, and Sen. Mike DeWine (R, OH) calls it a recognition that there are two victims in an attack on a pregnant woman, Kate Michelman fears that this bill is getting ready for the day the Supreme Court has a majority to overrule Roe.

Pro-abort Sen. Dianne Feinstein says divining when life begins is a first step in removing a woman’s right to choice. NARAL says it sent 130,000 petitions to senators urging defeat of the bill. Michelman calls its passage the first time federal law has recognized an embryo or fetus as a separate and distinct legal person, separate from the woman. It’s about time. We hope the fears of baby- killers prove to be true.

President Bush says pregnant women harmed by violence know there are two victims, and that both need to be protected. He applauded the Senate’s passage. The House had passed the bill last month. It will undoubtedly get some quick pro-abortion judicial attention. We can always count on the pro-abortion judiciary to come to the rescue of the baby-killers.

FDA Mulls Pill Regulations

Meanwhile, the FDA is thinking over whether to allow the lethal Morning After Pill to be sold over the counter. There are many arguments against this idea, including a new epidemic of venereal diseases, cheapening of sex, eventual cancer, mortal sin, despair, self-contempt, broken hearts and suicide, but most believe the FDA cares nothing of these realities and will approve it. They’re getting lots of pressure from all the godless wonders.

But maybe not. Maybe this time they’ll actually take a look at the evidence against approving over-the-counter contraceptive-abortion pills. If they’d read the research study on the pill by Julie Wheeland and published by the Population Research Institute, they’d draw back from approval like it was a coiled rattle snake.

Just her list of moral concerns would turn anyone with a soul away — abortion inducing function, violation of conscience, violation of informed consent standard, women as guinea pigs, circumventing parental notification, societal abandonment of sexually assaulted women, lowering the threshold for refusal of sexual pressure and potential public funding issues.

And that’s just the beginning. We’re going out on a limb on this one to say the lethal drug will not get FDA approval.

Prediction: “Under God” Will Stay

While we’re making predictions, here’s another one: The U. S. Supreme Court will reject atheist Michael Newdow’s suit against using the words, “under God” in the “Pledge of Allegiance.” If the justices drop “under God” they’ll have to stop invoking God “to bless this honorable court” when they gather. We don’t think they’re ready for that.

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