Truth Counters Hostility of Refuse And Resist

Wednesday’s Face the Truth college tour was unforgettable, as it coincided with Refuse and Resist‘s call for Abortion Providers Appreciation Day. In some cities pro-aborts gave flowers and candy to abortionists to honor these baby killers who have perverted their healing profession. But in Chicago they came out to try to block our signs that simply show the abortionists’ handiwork, macerated little children.

Unforgettable First Campus Truth Day

You had to be there to appreciate it, but the antics of these screaming pro-abort students and former students jumping and dancing, made quite a contrast with our organized demonstration. Even the Daily Northwestern caught the mood in a story appearing on their online edition Thursday. They also had a flyer full of outrageous lies and later in the day a student’s mother called our office to ask if any of it was true.

Their signs were unprofessional, as usual, crayoned in a few minutes before the demonstration, and one large gray sheet with lots of unreadable text, which was falling apart. The foul language was especially disturbing because three of my grandchildren, out of school for the day, were the targets of some of their jeers and insults.

But even amid their bazaar antics there were some signs of hope. When a strong wind knocked down my little granddaughter Liza with her big sign, a young women holding a green pro-abortion sign helped Liza get up and gave her the sign she had dropped. When I told a ranting pro-abort I was trying to say my rosary and needed a little quiet, he stopped harassing me and told another screamer to leave me alone because I was praying. Pure sarcasm, but he did do me a favor.

At Loyola several people passing by thanked us for being there with our signs and some students held signs with us. Toward the end of our stay, the Loyola Dean came out to try to give Eric orders as on where we could stand and when we should leave. There were only a few pro-aborts at the Loyola — just enough to make us look good.

The next half-day College Face the Truth tour will be on Wednesday, April 7 at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Did you hear that, ‘borts? See all you brave and faithful pro-lifers there there.

Sobering Remarks from Cardinal George

While we were at Northwestern we ran into a Catholic student who commented on a talk Francis Cardinal George gave recently at the Newman Center, in which he said that prior to the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion ruling, the American Legal system was the last great equalizer. It had even given a voice to the voiceless unborn.

But, he said, this is no longer true, since individual rights have now been enshrined, and that now with the demand for gay marriage we have the makings of a totalitarian state. A totalitarian state makes up its own definitions of right and wrong. As Catholics, we must fight to maintain the Natural Law as the basis for all law.

The student told us Cardinal George could even foresee the courts trying to impose women priests on the Church as a civil right, and that eventually part of the Catholic Church could be driven underground, as it in China where there is the official state Catholic Church and the underground Church in union with Rome.

He said we need a new evangelization that will reach out to the post-Christian world in order to bring both Europe and America back to true Catholic belief, using both our Faith and reason. Students said George’s talk was powerful, and dialogue lasted nearly three hours.

Pro-Marriage Rally 3/31 in Springfield

The Coalition to Protect Marriage is holding a rally Wednesday, March 31 at 12:30 p.m. in Springfield, with former homosexual Stephen Bennett as main speaker.

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