Pro-Abort Politicians Kept In Office By Catholic Votes

Happy Lincoln’s 195th birthday Thursday, and Happy St. Valentine’s Day Saturday. February is considered by many Americans as the worst month, but we love February. It’s a short month with memories of fireplaces, log cabins, Abe Lincoln and George Washington, bright red valentines, and occasionally a leap year. It’s cold and sunny, with sometimes a sudden February spring-like thaw. It’s also the month of my mother’s and her twin’s birthday. So enjoy February while it lasts.

Abortion Allowed by the Catholic Vote

The abortionists will use almost any means at their disposal to keep abortion legal: blackmail elected officials, lie about the need for abortion, deny the humanity of the child, misrepresent the dangers of abortion, deceive women about the abortion-breast cancer link and other dangers of having abortions. Some of their methods are so outrageous that we don’t even like to discuss them, although on our two videos, Meet the Abortion Providers and Abortion the Inside Story, we let the abortionists themselves reveal these methods.

But while the abortion crowd depends on deception and even blackmail to get pro-abortion votes, their greatest support, ironically, comes from Catholic voters who insists on putting pro-abortion candidates in office. Polls show that practically all pro-abortion politicians were put in office or kept in office by so-called Catholic voters.

If these Catholics had informed consciences, and then voted their consciences, it could be the beginning of the end of abortion in America. Much of the problem is thirty years of watered down Catholic education in so many of our Catholic schools, with no moral absolutes being taught , and too many weak leaders in the Church.

Bishops Stepping Up at Last?

But that is changing, and while it is strange to get so excited when a faithful Bishop like Raymond Burke issues a directive that Catholics politicians who vote pro-abortion may not receive Holy Communion, it is a sign of a new era, we believe. What he did is really no more than any bishop should do routinely. Yet it is so unusual that he is lauded for his courage. We hope his statement begins to have a ripple effect among his brother bishops.

In the Feb. 12 Wanderer, “Stresses His Moral Obligation to Warn Pols,” the editor quotes Cardinal Francis George as saying that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is considering strategies on the issue of dealing with Catholic politicians’ support for abortion. George is quoted:

It’s not a question of separation between church and state . . . but a question of the relationship between life and faith. You have to work with people’s consciences so that they understand the obligations of their faith that apply to their life . . . political, economic, and . . . entertainment arts.

George said the platitude that goes “I’m personally pro-life, but . . .” or “I can’t enforce my morality” can’t be used as an excuse.

Watch the secular and religious media for more on increasing hierarchical interest in disciplining pro-abortion politicians and maybe even pro-abortion Catholic voters. Many pro-life Catholics believe this breakthrough is just the beginning of something good.

South Dakota Challenges Roe

A bill passed in South Dakota this week, challenging Roe v. Wade. By 54 to 14 the House there passed a law that would make abortion a felony carrying a five year sentence. House Bill 1191 is sponsored by Matt McCaulley and says medical and scientific evidence clearly proves that life begins at fertilization and that the South Dakota Bill of Rights applies equally to born and unborn human beings.

The bill, designed to challenge the 1973 abortion ruling, now goes to the State Senate where it has broad support.

Partial Birth Abortion at Northwestern Memorial

To his credit, Attorney General John Ashcroft is continuing his efforts to subpoena records of partial birth abortions from at least six hospitals in an effort to rebut claims that these abortions were done for health reasons. A federal Judge in Chicago blocked records subpoenaed from Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Chicago pro-lifers did not know partial birth abortions were being performed at Northwestern Community. They probably need a healthy demonstration. Stay tuned.

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