When’s Our Bishop Going To Do That Too?

For some reason, across the nation, pro-life activists are getting fed up at the lack of Church leadership in the pro-life movement.

Catholic Church v. Abortion

Perhaps it was Bishop Burke’s warning to Catholic Politicians in La Crosse WI, that they couldn’t receive the Sacrament if they supported and voted for abortion bills, that triggered this discontent, with questions like “When’s our Bishop going to do something like that?”

We believe it is starting, and we will not be too surprised if “Bishop Burkism” doesn’t gradually start to take hold. Don’t hold your breath, but we plan to be putting on other such stories of episcopal action in the pro-life, abortion battle, that we have not seen up to this time. We’re optimistic that the battle of Abortion vs. the Catholic Church is heating up.

Judge Uses the M-Word

We just received news of a law suit out of Titusville, FL in which a Federal Judge made a slip-up and called a pregnant woman a “mother.” Get this:

While continuing an abortion after a patient wishes it to stop does have the effect of preventing that patient from obtaining reproductive health services elsewhere, that is merely a side-effect when the abortionist is motivated by a desire to protect the health and safety of the mother, because the procedure has progressed too far to stop or complications have arisen that require continuing it.

The case itself is too complicated to go into here, but the point is that a federal appellate court judge actually described a pregnant woman at an abortion clinic as a “mother.” Hats off to Chris Sapp who sent us this note.

Pro-Abort Dem Candidates

Imperfect as the Republican Party is, at least Christians can vote for its Presidential candidate, whereas every single one of the six or seven Democrats still running for the presidential nomination is on record as a confirmed baby-killer. It escapes us how anyone who goes to Church, says his prayers and believes in a life-hereafter, can even take part in the Democrat Primaries. Whoever he votes for has pledged to support abortion.

Sen. John Kerry, pro-abortion, Wesley Clark, pro-abortion, and the same for John Edwards, Decaf Dean, Joe Lieberman and whoever else is still running by the end of this hotline. It is a sad state of affairs when a person has to support the killing of babies to please his party’s leadership. It’s even sadder when he has to support abortion to please his public.

While some valiant efforts are being made, and have been made, to bring the party of the little man back to supporting the really little guy, we suspect the Democrat party is brain dead and in a state of terminal decay.

We would like to be wrong. My mother’s father was once a leader in that party. We think he’d be spinning in his grave if he could see it now.

A Gift from Jesus

But, in the Good News column, our sidewalk counselors have been successful even in these bitter cold days, saving women from abortion. On Friday, Fr. Steve Lewniewski talked a young woman out of abortion at the Western Avenue American Women’s Medical Center.

Father then came to our office and said Mass for our staff, and said that the save was a gift to him from Jesus. We believe it was also a gift to the human race from Fr. Steve, as well as a gift to Shannon when she holds her baby in her arms later this year.

Getting Out of the Cold

For those who have heard of it, the Legatus 2003 Pro-Life Award will be given to the League Director in Miami Beach, FL next weekend. Well, it’s one way to get out of the cold for a few days.

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